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Online Games to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

What’s one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit? Fun holiday-themed games! While stuck inside this holiday season check out some great holiday themed games on Addicting Games, the largest online games site in the US.

Check out some addicting online game options below!

5 Fun Christmas Games to Play Online

Sugar Sugar Christmas

Your favorite sweet gravity game is back, in holiday form! The objective is simple – get the happy sprinkles into the cups and dig the groovy scenery. Sounds easy right? Well watch out, there’s different colors of sprinkles to go into their matched colored mug.

Use the mouse to create a path for the sprinkles to fall down in order to beat the level. If you draw the wrong path get ready to restart the level, and did we mention there’s over twenty levels to master your sprinkle dropping?

Too much work? Just watch the sugar fall while you jingle out, peeps.

Christmas Castle Defense

It’s the ultimate snowball fight. Waves of enemies are trying to siege this decked out Christmas castle. Watch out for running people, fast moving sleighs and even catapults looking to destroy the castle by burying it in mounds of fresh snow.

How will you fight back against the festive reign of terror? Roll up some snow balls and throw them right back in the enemies’ faces! Keep fighting through increasingly difficult waves until you fully defeat the enemies on the attack.

Remember, Santa, Christmas and everyone is depending on you to come out on top!

Christmas Combat

Christmas is here. Santa and his well known helpers have a bone to pick though. In this game, choose between Santa Claus, Rudolph or a snowman and fight to the finish to become the next leader of the north pole. But watch out, each player has their own set of tricks up their ‘sleeves’ or ‘sticks’.

And did we mention you can play against a friend? Using the same keyboard two friends can fight against each other to win Christmas, or first dibs on opening gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

Combine different abilities, use speed and momentum to become the ultimate champion. This is exactly how Jesus would have wanted to celebrate his birthday.

Christmas Memory

Test your memory with this fun Christmas themed game! Enjoy some light and beautiful Christmas tunes while flipping over cards to match them with their counterparts. Each time you flip look forward to finding a new Christmas item or character

But don’t think it’s easy, each level adds more cards and increases the difficulty of finding the right match. The game keeps tabs on your time too, so feel free to compete against friends to see who’s the fastest and smartest Christmas celebrator in the land.

Now stop reading and start flipping those cards!

Christmas Boxes

Christmas Boxes is a festive online game about falling Christmas presents that you have to collect! This may seem like an easy game but the gifts of different colors will keep falling in different areas and start speeding up. The longer you stay, the harder this Christmas game gets.

Enjoy some festive tunes, sit back and let the boxes fall. Santa is counting on you to make sure all the gifts this year are sorted properly, and if you miss just one you’ll have to start your count all over again.

Not only is the game fun by trying to reach a high score, but you can share with friends and compete against each other. Who can get the highest score without being a Grinch?