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Hostel review: M&J Hostel in Rome

During my stay in Rome, Italy, I ended up sleeping at the M&J Hostel and Hotel which is one of the closest hostels to the train station. While the hostel was decent, the location was pretty terrible. Thankfully it was only a 10-minute walk to what ended up being one of the best pizzas I had in Rome.

The hostel really was nothing special. It’s an older one and the building feels like it’s been put together in pieces. Some rooms were nicer than others. My room didn’t have very many power outlets, and the wifi wasn’t available outside the lobby. Even then, the hostel usually keeps the wifi turned off completely and has ethernet cords which you can borrow. Not very practical for 2012 hostel guests, this place seems like it came out of the 90s.

Far and away, however, the best part of the hostel was its owner Mario. He’s flamboyantly Italian and you can tell he loves Rome very much. He’s built a small hostel empire out of very little and is an inspiring guy to speak to. He’ll remember your name each and every time you come and go from the hostel.

Prices for M&J Hostel are rather steep—especially for the lack of amenities. Downstairs you’ll find a daytime-cafe & nighttime-nightclub. It’s popular with a lot of the backpackers staying both at M&J and those at nearby hostels. Unfortunately, it’s primarily tourists who go here—nothing really too special to see.

Special thanks to Hostelworld and M&J Hostel & Hotel for the Rome hostel.