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Instagram Top Nine – It’s That Time of Year Again

December 1st always marks the beginning of so many end-of-year round-ups, but perhaps the most universal is the viral Instagram trend of sharing your Top Nine photos.

Millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities, and Instagram users are about to share their Top Nine collage featuring their best moments of the year.

This means you are about to see grids all over Instagram, with everyone sharing their Top Nine collage with their best nine Instagram posts of 2020.

The Top Nine trend started in 2016 as a simple tool to review your Top Instagram posts. Since then it has grown exponentially every year, according to Google Trends.

The new Top Nine tool – Now on the CreatorKit platform

This year you won’t find the Top Nine tool on, where it’s been since 2016. Top Nine is now part of the CreatorKit platform, and it’s now available on and on the CreatorKit apps for iOS and Android.

CreatorKit is a video editor with many video and story templates for social media, and now it includes the viral Instagram trend Top Nine.

This change enables users to use the CreatorKit video editor to create videos with their Top Nine photos and videos of 2020.

Privacy and security warning with clones

Another reason for this change was that many clones claiming to be the original Top Nine were posing a security and privacy risk.

We published a warning against non-authentic clones , after receiving messages from users who’d claim their Instagram account had been “hacked”, deleted, or modified after using Top Nine, when really they were unknowingly using a fake Top Nine clone.

How to create your Top Nine collage

Creating your Top Nine 2020 collage is super simple. Just enter your Instagram username, provide your email, and the service will generate the collage with your best nine Instagram photos and videos.

CreatorKit is a free website, with paid options for those interested, such as PRO video templates. Video templates on the CreatorKit platform are optimized for Instagram stories and other social media platforms.

Best of & End of Year Round-Ups

It’s hard not to spend the end of any year reflecting on the highlights and best of moments. Instagram Top Nine with CreatorKit makes that easy to get a glimpse, but it’s important to remember that Instagram is still a pretty toxic environment and measuring your success, visibility, or life through arbitrary things—such as number of likes, comments, and engagement—is never very healthy.

Still, it’s fun. So, what’s your Instagram Top Nine look like?