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Jeddah’s Art and Culture Scene: A Guide to the Top Museums and Galleries

Saudi’s gateway to commerce, art and pilgrimages is the most acclaimed city of Jeddah. This seaport hub is the brainchild of the Kingdom’s efforts to reinvest and proclaim art as its national language. Over the past few years, the cultural reformations made by the Ministry of Culture to promote the art of many forms have been a successful welcome among the residents and tourists. Festivals of art and film, galleries and museums are now curated as part of Jeddah’s tourism and the Saudi Airlines Booking has made it possible for many to visit and enjoy. 

Listed below are some of the art and cultural magic weaved in the city of Jeddah as part of a guide to top museums and galleries.

10 Cultural Art Spots in Jeddah

1. Hafez Gallery

Various art forms in Saudi are curated at the Hafez Gallery. Solo shows, artists and their works are curated at this gallery. The themes are innovative, and the works are from the easels of renowned artists. The exhibits hosted here are also from other institutions and conglomerates. The main scope of this gallery is to showcase the true cultural identity of Saudi. 

2. Souq Al Alawi

Located in the historical Al Balad city in Jeddah, this old city is right out of Arabian Folklore. The ancient buildings and houses with their towering balconies and minarets are simply a pleasure to watch and tour around. There are too many memories you can take back and in Souq Al Alawi, the best of everything you can think of is sold.Antique souvenirs, textiles, spices and silver, and gold jewellery are all sold here along with the regional delicacies. 

3. The Tayebat Museum

The Al Faisaliyah district in Jeddah is the home of the much-prized Tayebat Museum. This museum is dedicated to the rich heritage of Saudi and the revered history of the Islam religion along with the chronology of events that led to the formation of Jeddah. Studded with minarets and archaeological references of the past, this museum is a must-visit for history lovers and a treat for tourists.

Mosque in the Middle East

4. Jeddah’s Floating Mosque

Also called the Al-Rahmah Mosque or Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque in the Mecca province, this floating wonder will look like it’s built of the sea and its frothing waters. The mosque dates back to 1895, with its boards anchored to the sea. The architecture is beautiful in white while the doom is painted in coral blue mimicking the sea water underneath. This mosque can be visited between the prayer timings but preferably during the sunrise or sunset, to see the sun do its magic on it. 

5. Dar Safeya Binzagr

Mark the start of Saudi art at the one of its kind exclusive private museum holding the art of Saudi’s renowned artist, Safeya Binzagr. She is the proud maker of the art that earned Saudi a spot in the art and culture world.  Her works are an ode to the rich culture of the region that she yearned for and missed when she returned to Saudi after her initial years in Egypt. Thus her brush strokes amusingly weave together the stories and humbling circumstances rooted deep in Saudi tradition. 

6. Saudi Center for Fine Arts

Learn the art of making art at the famous Saudi Center of Fine Arts. This amazing cultural nook has everything for art lovers, enthusiasts and artists themselves. Not only art exhibitions but modern art and ancient skills are taught here for men, women and children. Courses on digital art to ancient calligraphy skills are taught here. 

7. Nesma Art Gallery

This four-year-old gallery is a nascent addition to Jeddah’s cultural scene. Known for curating and exhibiting local talents, this gallery welcomes budding artists from the neighborhood to host their works which shouldn’t be missed when you travel to Jeddah, thereby elevating Saudi’s stronghold in the cultural scene. 

8. Nasseef House

As you can see, the old Town of Jeddah, Al Badad is not running out of beautiful art. The Nasseef House, which also sports a neem tree at its wake, has art displays and calligraphy scripts on its walls. This Ottoman architecture built by Turks is an added gem to the old city that you shouldn’t miss. 

9. ATHR gallery

The art scene of Saudi is well appreciated and given the new recognition it deserves in ATHR which is the best gallery there is. The aim here is to not only recognize emerging artists and pioneers but to collaborate with them in definite measures. . Many residencies, symposiums, and international exhibitions are also being held here. 

10. Adham Arts Center

With the motto that reads, “The center is every artist’s home”, this contemporary art gallery aims to bring every artist, art enthusiast and buyer with diverse choices together for the greater good of beautiful artworks. Located at the Salma Commercial center in Jeddah, the gallery is also known for art, recycling and gift exhibitions to promote the cultural scene of Saudi.