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Kim Petras at Avant Gardner

Last week was my birthday, and all personal drama from the week aside, I spent the evening of my actual birthday on a dance floor—which is literally all I wanted! I don’t usually write short blogs about my weekends out in Brooklyn, but the Kim Petras concert at Avant Gardner was just so much fun and I wanted to share a little bit from the night out.

Kim Petras was back in Brooklyn this month for her Clarity Tour. I don’t know her exact relationship with the borough, but I think she’s got some strong roots here, because her weekend of sold-out shows at the mega-venue were off the rails!

Her music has been described as a resurgence of bubblegum pop, though her character, and especially her latest album, definitely have darker edges to them. Her lyrics have a way of hitting you in a sweet way but full of force that just makes you want to jump up and down and DANCE. And that’s what I just wanted to do!

I’ve been a Kim Petras stan for a while now. Her music is that perfect pop style, but with this quirky edge. Her latest album, Turn Off the Light, was released in October and has all the trappings of a spooky Halloween-themed set.

For the past year, always obsessed with Kim Petras, I’ve mentioned her to countless friends and acquaintances, and I’m always surprised when they don’t know who she is. She has a huge following here in Brooklyn, and definitely in the queer community. Kim is from Germany (Cologne), and it’s probably that mix of connections which helps me to especially relate to and enjoy her music.

Kim Petras at Avant Gardner (Brooklyn show)

Kim Petras sold out two nights at one of Brooklyn’s biggest night clubs and venues. She played both November 16 and 17 (I was there for the first show) part of her latest tour.

I’ve been to a lot of parties at Avant Gardner and the Brooklyn Mirage (part of the same venue complex), but I hadn’t been to a proper music gig there yet.

Because of the venue’s massive size, the bars don’t accept cash or credit card and you have to use a wristband you’re given at check-in to sync up to your credit card. Drinks at the venue are NOT cheap (never have been), and using a wristband to pay doesn’t exactly make it easy to track your spending.

The opening act for Kim Petras was DJ Alex Chapman who mixes a lot of gay and queer songs and plays LGBTQ clubs. It was the perfect opening act and the mixes were great—perfect for getting in the mood for Kim!

Because of Kim Petras’ big queer following (she’s trans and has been playing LGBTQ clubs for years), the crowd in attendance was a beautiful mix of the full spectrum. There were men and women—and the boys in glitter and fur coats, the topless muscle guys in harnesses. It was beautifully queer.

After Alex Chapman’s set was over, the crowd was ready. Kim Petras didn’t take too long to come on, and her set covered both of her 2019 albums. In proper diva fashion, there were plenty of outfit changes, including wigs. The sold-out show as full of an energy I hadn’t felt in a while.

With such a diverse crowd, and her infectious, bubblegum performance, queer Brooklyn was out in full force.

Brooklyn really loves Kim Petras. And you should, too. Check out her music on Spotify, Apple Music, or whichever streaming platform you use.