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Travel blogs, photos and features from Nazareth, Israel


Nazareth Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Nazareth

Known as the Biblical birthplace of Jesus, Nazareth is the largest city in northern Israel and has tons of history, friendly people and ancient architecture. Start here with my basic Nazareth travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Nazareth travel blogs.

When to Visit

Nazareth is a great city to visit all year round. With a mediterranean climate, it never truly gets cold, though the winters can be wet. It’s not a big city, but with so much history and cool things to see, you won’t be bored in Nazareth regardless of when you visit.

Top Things To Do

Walk around – Just wandering around Nazareth can be magical. I also recommend taking a free walking tour, in particular the one offered by the Fauzi Azar Inn. This tour doesn’t take you to the typical tourist destinations in Nazareth, but instead focuses on the community that lives in the Nazareth Old City.

Tour the Ancient Bathhouse – In 1993, an almost perfectly preserved Roman bathhouse was discovered under a shop in downtown Nazareth, which can be visited on a tour of about 30 minutes, and includes some local snacks and coffee.

Visit the White Mosque – The mosque located in the Nazareth Old City has actively been engaged with the local community and makes a concerted effort to ensure all religions are respected. Imam Abu Annas keeps a shop down the street from the mosque where visitors are always welcome.

Nazareth Tours

Although it’s a relatively small city, taking a tour around Nazareth will save you time and get you in to some areas of the city you might otherwise overlook, so it’s definitely worth you time to consider one.

LGBTQ – Gay Nazareth Travel Guide

Nazareth is a really small city, and the gay scene in general in Israel outside of Tel Aviv really isn’t very developed. If you’re in Nazareth and thirsty for some gay nightlife, you’re probably better off heading to the coast to Haifa, or even better to Tel Aviv itself!

More gay travel resources here.

Nazareth Hotel Deals

Nazareth has plenty of cool and quirky hotels, as well as all the big chains you’d expect. They’ll likely get full when there’s a conference or special event in town, so definitely consider booking in advance.

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Nazareth Travel Blogs