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Resorts in New Zealand Perfect for Active Travelers

New Zealand is renowned for its unique nature, amazing scenery, friendly residents, tasty food, the best wines, and lots of entertainment options. The list can be endless, as everyone can find their personal benefits when visiting this country. It reveals new secrets every time you come there, which is why passionate travellers are always inspired to explore it.

Tourists can enjoy a calm beach holiday with clear sand and crystal water or discover the country’s pearls, including the best activities and majestic sights. Of course, finding suitable accommodation is essential for the best experience, so have a look at the must-visit NZ destinations, impressing with their services.

SkyCity Auckland – Top Casino Destination

An amazing hotel in the bustling metropolis’s downtown is a common choice among active travellers. Auckland never sleeps, so finding what to do there won’t be difficult. First, SkyCity offers a remarkable gambling hall where everyone over 18 can try their luck.

At Sky City, residents who like authentic NZ gambling sites can enjoy the unique ambience of brick-and-mortar venues. The comfortable hotel offers 5-star accommodations and unique dining options. Guests can enjoy the panorama of Auckland from the bird’s eye in the Orbit 360° Restaurant, located on the top floor. 

Multiple must-visit places, including museums, parks, the famous Sky Tower, and many other activities for travellers, surround SkyCity. Auckland is diverse and beautiful, so everyone will find something exciting according to their preferences.

Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort – Waterparks & Natural Wonders

Those searching for luxury experiences with multiple exciting things to do should plan their trip to Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort. This amazing destination is one of the biggest water parks in New Zealand, located near Lake Taupo. The resort offers all-year-round relaxation, so it’s a perfect place for a retreat. 

However, don’t think you will only sleep in 5-star rooms and enjoy special dining options. The water park on the territory will thrill guests of all ages, so it’s impossible to get bored! Close proximity to the lake and other natural wonders helps tourists explore New Zealand and have an incredible time. Multiple activities are available in the region: boat cruises, skydiving, rafting, jetting and more. 

The authentic Natural Thermal Alley is also located near the resort so that visitors can explore ancient thermal waters surrounded by picturesque nature and unique animals.

Huka Lodge – Breathtaking Views 

It’s another place in Taupo that never disappoints visitors. A secluded lodge near the Waikato River has a gentle climate and accepts guests all year round. Picturesque views in this amazing location are enough to fall in love with Huka Lodge, but tourists can also enjoy many different activities. 

A fantastic waterfall and unique nature are mesmerising, so why not dip into aquatic adventures? Visitors can explore jet boating and rafting, which are extremely popular in New Zealand. Hiking and expeditions are the best ways to discover the local culture and history. 

All these experiences are complemented by comfortable accommodations in a luxury hotel with the best dining options; what can be better for an active traveller?

Matakauri Lodge – Magnificent Nature

Rosewood Matakauri is located in Queenstown and offers unique experiences to its guests. The resort boasts breathtaking views of lakes and mountains, so you will not be able to leave your room for hours when witnessing such beauty. Most come to this hotel for a calm holiday and enjoy New Zealand’s ambience, but those who can’t sit in one place will also get their piece of cake.

Bungee jumping, ship cruises, excursions to glaciers, and many other activities are easily accessible in the region. Matakauri Lodge maintains top-notch service, so you can book anything you need in a few minutes and explore the hidden treasures. A comfortable stay in cosy rooms or luxury villas at this 5-star resort will make your pastime unforgettable.

The Rees Hotel – Range of Outdoor Activities

The opulent lakeside residence is waiting for visitors throughout the year, and every season is truly amazing in this place. Breathtaking panoramic views and convenient accommodation are the primary benefits of the Rees Hotel. The resort offers active tourists multiple entertainment options, which you can book immediately. 

Watersports, wine tastings, and hiking are the most common ways to spend time in this location. Skiing enthusiasts will benefit from visiting the Rees Hotel in winter—the region is surrounded by mountains with ski slopes and a perfectly developed infrastructure. The region offers multiple experiences for people of all ages, so you can take the entire family to explore New Zealand’s hidden secrets.

Final Insight

New Zealand is different every time you visit the country, so it’s a perfect spot for all tourists, regardless of their preferences. Are you planning a relaxing retreat? Visit the fantastic Huka Lodge, surrounded by nature that human hands have never touched. New Zealand boasts luxurious resorts tailored for active travellers seeking adventure amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Searching for active experiences? Explore Christchurch or Auckland from the height of SkyCity Hotel or head to Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort to enjoy one of the best water parks.