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Here’s How You Can Overcome the Most Common Solo Travel Fears

Travel fears are normal, as venturing out on the open roads seems scary, especially when you have no one with whom to share your anxieties. Fear is a natural response of the body that activates when you are in new situations, and if you have never solo traveled before, you are likely to feel it when you depart on a new journey.

Maybe you fear for your safety or because you think you will be lonely and have no one to talk to. No matter the reason, your fear is justified, but you shouldn’t let it control you, as you will miss unique experiences. 

To help you overcome your fears better, we prepared some tips to make the whole adventure easier. So, if you want to find them out, keep reading.

I fear I will be homesick

It is normal to feel homesick when you are in a new location that is not very familiar to your usual environment, but you need to embrace the phase as it will diminish in time. A good way to combat homesickness is to keep in touch with your family, which can be easily realized if you consider an eSim card. 

What is eSim? Well, it is a virtual alternative used for international travel that can be activated with just a simple click, and that will let you communicate with your families and have an unlimited data plan.

This means you can stay in touch with your loved ones via messages, video chatting, or on social media, which will help you feel connected even if you are thousands of miles away. If you want to benefit from this innovative technology, you can learn more at holafly.

I’m scared of loneliness

One of the most common fears people have before a solo trip is that they will feel lonely most of the time and not enjoy their time this way. But you shouldn’t worry, as the scenarios made up in your head are not likely to happen, and you will meet lots of people, especially because you are traveling solo.

Being on your own in a destination different from your everyday environment will push you outside your comfort zone, and you will only benefit from this as you will become more confident and know how to deal with unfamiliar situations better. 

Plus, many ways will ensure you meet new people, including staying in hostels or going on guided tours, so you don’t need to worry that you will always be alone. Hostels are great because they are the perfect place to encounter backpackers who, exactly like you, are also solo travelers.

You will become very close and develop a strong bond as you share the same space and spend time together away from your families. Guided tours also allow you to meet new folks while you have the opportunity to learn vital information and see unique attractions. 

It is not safe to travel solo

Several solo travel anxieties are related to personal safety, and they are normal because you don’t want something bad to happen to you. But in most cases, solo traveling makes you more alert to the environment, and in this way, you will not expose yourself to danger.

As you only have your gut to follow, you will be more careful and not let your guard down, as it usually happens when you are with someone else. 

The best way to reduce this fear is to choose a destination where you know you will feel safe and confident, so it can be a place with very friendly locals or one in which you have traveled before. Also, you will be safer if you visit the city during the day and avoid getting out late at night alone. 

I’m not brave enough 

Not being brave enough is another very common fear. But wouldn’t facing it be the best option for you? By doing this, you will prove to yourself that you are capable of everything and that you are brave, confident and the one that is in charge of everything in your life. You can start with smaller steps and go on a travel trip of just one day. 

In this way, you will see that nothing bad happens, and the next time, you will consider a very long and well-deserved vacation without waiting for someone to join.

ecause most of the time, the plans that involve more people never happen, as there is always something that comes in between, it is good to know that you can always go alone and discover new experiences. Traveling solo will benefit all aspects of your life as you will be more capable of dealing with whatever life brings.

Solo travel is expensive

Another popular myth about solo traveling is that it is an expensive option. Yes, it is indeed good to have someone with whom to share the travel expenses, but there are also very cheap options you can enjoy if traveling alone.

Many ways will help you spare some pennies, including staying in hostels or volunteering in exchange for accommodation. You can also reduce expenses if you travel before or after peak time, as you will find more affordable options in a less crowded location. 

Also, some places are known for offering more budget-friendly choices, so you can also consider this aspect when looking for a new destination. Booking flights with a long period before your holiday or buying tickets when airlines have the best offers will also ensure your trip will not be expensive. 

Final words

Going into the unknown will always be intimidating, as it will feel both scary and exciting. But the best things come when you step outside your comfort zone, so you must overcome your fears.

Plus, the scenarios you have made in your head will probably never happen, so it is better to be open and embrace everything that will come along.