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Planning Your Next Group Trip: How To Organize a US Tour

An enriching travel experience can be had with a group trip when appropriately planned. Explore a fantastic destination with like-minded travel companions and have tons of fun. When you travel as a group, you will create some fantastic stories, inside jokes, education on travel, and lots of belly laughs. With all of this, the big question is, how will you plan your trip?

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Book your travel

Transport prices can vary hugely as you get closer to your trip. Many obstacles come with booking your flights as a group, but fortunately, there are many options. A top tip for groups booking flights is to book as early as possible; this will ensure enough space for the entire group, and the prices will likely be lower overall. 

Surprisingly, flying via private jet has become a much more affordable option and could be the perfect way for groups to travel together. Check if there are group rates that you can take advantage of, but these rates are not exclusive to flying. Rail and road transport can be much cheaper if you book as a group.

One main detail you should consider is how you will get from the airport to your accommodation. Is it going to be helpful to hire a vehicle? Getting in early could be a good idea, as larger vehicles tend to book out quickly.

Have someone in charge

When planning a trip, it helps to appoint a group leader or two or someone who is the go-to person on the trip. These people should know where the planning is heading and the steps needed to get it done.

If one person is an overall leader, this can be a lot of pressure, so ideally, put different people in charge of varying aspects of your trip. You could have one person in charge of the accommodation, one in charge of researching activities, one head of finding places to eat, etc. The final decisions can be discussed and agreed upon as a group, but it will mean that everyone is not totally relying on a single person, and everything gets organised.

Your group members should be encouraged to play to their strengths. Let someone who loves planning take the lead (but offer support if they seek assistance!) If everyone is indecisive, appoint a decision maker or have a procedure for making decisions. All of this should be sorted out before you go on vacation so that you won’t waste time trying to figure it out!

Know your budget

The budget can often be the most challenging area of a group trip. People have different ideas of how much money they would like to spend while travelling, but a group needs to correspond with one another. You should decide the budget you’re looking to spend as a group, ensure that everyone is comfortable, and stick to it. Keep everyone in the group on the same page.

When it comes to paying for the group trip, a maximum budget for necessities like accommodation ensures that there will be no surprises. It can be easy to make some experiences optional so that group members can decide whether or not they want to participate, but make sure this is clearly stated in the contract.

Especially if you are staying in accommodations where you can cook together or buy your own food and drinks, consider sharing a pot of money while travelling as a group rather than constantly figuring out how to split bills.

Consider alternative accommodation

Deciding where you will stay is another important decision when planning a group trip and can have significant implications for the kind of experience you enjoy. There is much more to sorting accommodation than just booking a hotel. Hotels may not be the best for a group booking unless you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort.

If you choose to stay in a house or apartment, you will have much more opportunities to cook as a group, allowing some extra time to hang out together comfortably. There is no need to all cram into a single hotel room. Some amazing houses are available for group bookings that often come at a more affordable price than staying in a hotel.

Pre-plan activities

In the pre-planning process, look at what you would like to do in a particular location, and consider making some early bookings, especially if you’re in a larger group.

Some tours may feature a group discount for advanced bookings, while others could be in high demand, so having a pre-booking will ensure you will get all the benefits. A large group could also be difficult for walk-ins, so pre-booking is best.

You only need to plan some of your vacation; the best things often happen by chance. Do not let your vacation be overly stressful by planning every second or every minute, but aim to get some important things done beforehand.

Don’t stick together everyday

Remembering that just because you are travelling as a group does not mean you need to spend every waking moment together. Each person in your group will have different ideas about what they want to see and do. If you cannot reach an agreement, you should split up so everyone gets to do what they want. One group could relax at the beach, while another may want to visit a museum.

Even if smaller groups’ ideas do not correlate with what you would like to do, be bold and spend the day on your own. Be sure not to end your trip with the regret of not seeing something you wanted to visit because you didn’t want to go it alone.