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The Most Popular Slot Games in Canada

It is a well-known fact in Canada that slot games are very popular among the residents of that country. There is nothing especially startling about that of course: slot games are a big deal more or less everywhere.

Out of all of the many types of games that casinos offer, slot machines are the ones that the majority of people pick. That is true for both land-based and online casinos in Canada, but it might seem a strange choice for some.

After all, slot games are essentially solitary – so they do not have the social appeal of some other casino games. What they do have though is fast-paced action, simple rules and good odds of a win.

Not all slot games are equal among Canadian players though. There are some that they like just that bit more than the rest.


This particular game ranks as one of the most successful in the history of online slots and it is a very big deal in Canada. It first arrived at casino sites all the way back in 2012, which might as well be a century ago in the rapidly changing world of online gaming.

It must have something pretty special to still be considered the number one slot after more than a decade, right? Well, yes – the Starburst slot is one that any fan of these games should try out.

A big part of its appeal to Canadian slot players is the colorful graphics of gemstones and the outer space theme. They also like the feature called Win Both Ways that allows matching lines to pay out from right-to-left as well as the standard left-to-right.

Starburst has so many top features that its status as the most popular slot ever is fully deserved.

Mega Moolah

Another game that has captivated Canadian slot fans is the one called Mega Moolah. The main reason for that is the fact that its name is no lie: you really can win mega moolah by playing it.

That is because it is a slot with a progressive jackpot. This means the jackpot total keeps getting added to every time someone puts money into the slot, until it is won. By the time a win comes along, the jackpot can be worth millions of dollars. 

The theme of this slot game is that of a safari in the jungle and the graphics are high quality. It also has all of the main features designed to up the odds of a win, e.g. a wild icon, a scatter and a bonus game with free spins.

Gonzo’s Quest

The third slot game on this list has also been kicking around for a number of years. In fact, it is even older than Starburst – having been launched all the way back in 2011.

It is the creation of NetEnt, a company which has since become established as one of the leading developers of online slots. Gonzo’s Quest is the sort of game that made that reputation and it is another one that is big in Canada.

Perhaps Canadians are attracted by its striking and cutting-edge 3D graphics. As one of the first slot games to adopt that feature, it certainly stood out in a crowded field.

The conquistador theme, where a Spanish adventurer searches for El Dorado, is unusual too and the video graphics turn it into a genuine narrative. That makes it one of the most fun slots to play if you want a real story. If you want to win big money, there is a potential jackpot of 37,500-times your bet.

Thunderstruck II

Themes are a really important part of modern video slot games and the ones that take off tend to have memorable concepts. With Thunderstruck II it is Norse legends and myths that take center stage.

That theme is brought to life with some fine video graphics and reels that depict prominent characters like Thor. This is not the only reason why it has caught on to such a degree in Canada and other places though.

Thunderstruck II also features a return-to-player of 96.65%. That is well above average for slot games and means that players have a chance of a win from roughly a third of their plays.

The highest win that can be achieved with this particular game is 8000-times the bet. There are two bonus rounds – Wildstorm and Loki Free Spins – where it is possible. 

This slot may also have capitalized on the popularity of the Thor and Loki characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever the reason for it being one of the top choices in Canada, it is a fine online slot.

All of these four slot games have helped to make slots the preferred selections for Canadian online casino fans.