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Travel blogs, photos and features from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Buenos Aires

La Reina del Plata, Buenos Aires’ most common nickname, is a fitting moniker for this South American city. Famous for Eva Perón, tango and its relaxed attitude to street art, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer visitors. Start here with my basic Buenos Aires travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Buenos Aires travel blogs.

When to Visit

Buenos Aires has a climate similar to San Francisco in its range of temperatures, but is in the southern hemisphere, so has the opposite seasons. This means that summer, and high season is from December to February, and it can be very hot and humid at this time.

Fall (March to May) can be a great alternative time to visit, as temperatures and humidity are lower, but it’s still comfortable to go out in the evening with just a light jacket. But even in winter, it never gets very cold, and snow is almost unheard of, so as long as you come prepared, you’ll be fine!

Of course, as a city of 13.5 million, there are tons of exciting, varied and cool things going on, so whenever you visit, there’ll always be something fun to see and do.

Top Things To Do

Learn to tango – The home of the most romantic dance, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn to tango. There are countless places to do it, some more touristy than others, and many concentrated in the San Telmo neighborhood (the historical birthplace of the dance), and there are even queer tango places, where same sex couples or those who wish to try non-traditional gender rolls can come.

Check out the art galleries – As well as on the streets, the Argentinian capital is full of great art to be found indoors. Some of the museum highlights are MALBA for Latin American art, MNBA for fine arts and PROA for contemporary art.

Explore hipster Palermo – This neighborhood to the north of the center is definitely the place to find all the hipster hotspots. Wander down Gurruchaga, hopping from cool cafés to designer boutiques. Check out the ornate Japanese gardens on Avenida del Libertador, pop into the Evita Museum and eat a vegetarian feast at Artemisia.

Buenos Aires Tours

Being as big a city as it is, taking a tour in Buenos Aires makes a lot of sense, as it’ll save you time and get you to parts of the city you might otherwise overlook.

LGBTQ – Gay Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Buenos Aires is arguably the gay capital of South America. As the capital of the first country on the continent to introduce marriage equality back in 2010, it has a very progressive attitude towards LGBT people and some of the best conditions for queer people in all of the Americas. These are a few of the best things you should know about visiting gay Buenos Aires.

Glam Disco – One of the most popular gay clubs in Buenos Aires, this is a great place to come for a good time. Music is loud and pop and dance heavy, the crowd is young and friendly and there are even sometimes stripper performances!

Markus A men-only sauna, this isn’t your typical cruising sauna, but rather a place for men to go to relax and indulge. While it appeals largely to the gay crowd, straight men do visit too, and the range of services is impressive with massages, reflexology, facials, scrubs and grooming available.

Pride The longest-running pride in Spanish-speaking South America, Buenos Aires’ annual parade dates back to 1992 and attracts more than 100,000 people from all over the world. It takes place every November and usually coincides with the LGBT film festival, Asterisco, making this an excellent time to visit the Argentinian capital.

More gay travel resources here.

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