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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from one of Thailand’s most undiscovered islands: Koh Chang

Koh Chang Travel Guide - Travels of Adam -

Koh Chang Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see when traveling in Koh Chang, Thailand – only from Travels of Adam.

Koh Chang, Thailand’s second largest island, translates as “Elephant Island.” It’s far less touristic and more off the beaten path than other places in Thailand, but still very well developed for international tourists.

Because of the island’s diversity and large size, there are many options for many types of trips—whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday with your partner, a backpacking adventure or an easy and relaxed, family-friendly destination. Start here with my basic Koh Chang travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Koh Chang travel blogs.

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When to Visit

Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s largest islands (a similar size to Koh Samui) but doesn’t get quite the high number of tourists as other Thai beach destinations. Still, it’s best to visit the island during the dry season as many hotels, resorts, restaurants and other places shut down partially during the rainy months.

Koh Chang Things To Do

Thailand is a great destination because of its incredible diversity and options for every type of traveler. In the north, the jungles, forests and mountains make for great trekking and hiking adventures, while the beaches and islands in the

Emerald Spa — The spa at the Emerald Cove Hotel has the highest ranking among all other Koh Chang spas and it’s prime, beachfront location makes it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Lonely Beach — Lonely Beach is the most budget-friendly spot on the island, home to hostels and small beach bungalows that make it a popular spot for budget backpackers. It’s also where most of Koh Chang’s nightlife is located with a number of bars and clubs.

Baan Salak Kok — For a taste of the local culture, visit this small fisherman’s island. You can rent kayaks or hire a boat for a small tour to explore the nearby mangrove forests.

Snorkeling and island hopping — Perhaps one of the best things to do on Koh Chang is to get in the water. There are many nearby islands of varying sizes, as well as an aquatic nature park protecting the coral reefs between them. Book a half-day or full-day tour to snorkel here—it’s some of the clearest water you’ll find and absolutely incredible wildlife.

Koh Chang Tours

Consider taking a tour while on Koh Chang. It will likely save you time and money and take you to parts of the island you might not otherwise see on your own.

LGBTQ – Gay Koh Chang Guide

Koh Chang isn’t generally regarded as a gay hotspot, but the tourism industry here is certainly developed and welcoming. The island of Koh Samet is generally regarded as one of Thailand’s most gay-friendly islands, but Koh Chang offers plenty of romantic options, including beautiful resorts and hotels.

Bars in Lonely Beach of Koh Chang are generally going to be the most LGBTQ-friendly (one bar there even puts on a regular drag show).

More gay travel resources here.

Koh Chang Hotel Deals

Koh Chang is home to some really beautiful hotels and resorts, and considering the island is a little bit less touristic than other islands, you’ll often find great bargain deals. Peninsula Beach Resort is part of a small chain of luxury hotels and offers rooms each with their own beach views.

You can even charter the hotel’s yacht for a day, afternoon, evening or longer. The yacht has three separate bedrooms and a beautiful deck should you plan to stay overnight on the boat.

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