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The Best Places for a Night out in Cairo

Cairo is known as the “Thousand Minarets” for a reason. Travelers who want to experience its rich cultural beauty and history should definitely go there. Enjoy lasting exposure as you unwind at night and indulge in a variety of exciting nightlife attractions for travelers. 

So you can plan a visit and apply for an Egypt e visa if you’re ready to go explore the nightlife there. This guide will cover the best spots for spending time in Cairo’s exciting nightlife.

5 Must-Visit Spots to Enjoy Cairo Nightlife

Make the most of Cairo’s lively nightlife by visiting any of these top 5 places.


The Riverside nightclub in Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood is tucked away by the lovely River Nile. It opens up a world of breathtaking views, great DJs, and an energetic nighttime atmosphere. You can enjoy delicious food and be captivated by alluring music, taking part in themed parties and nostalgic nights. Riverside is a must-see location where life-long memories are waiting, promising an exceptional experience that pulsates to the beat of the Nile.

The Tap

With its vibrant atmosphere, you can relax in this alluring pub in Cairo. This lively venue delivers never-ending entertainment with its relaxed ambiance, throbbing live music, entertaining arcade games, and foosball tables. Make memorable moments in this hideaway as you sample the finest range of Egyptian beers on tap, sharing pitchers with cherished friends.

The Garden

Visit The Garden in Korba, Heliopolis, and enter a world of romantic magic. You can have your favorite beverage while surrounded by an outdoor patio and an open-fronted bar to experience a real night out. The live music or DJ will dazzle you as you create priceless moments with your significant other. To have the best experience, it is advisable to reserve a space in advance on The Garden’s official website.

Stage One Lounge & Bar

You’ll find a haven for travelers at Stage One Lounge & Bar in Cairo’s Hilton Conrad Hotel. Watch the magnificent Nile River and Cairo’s cityscape from the rooftops. Discover the buzzing excitement of live DJ nights, fascinating evenings with an oriental theme, and energetic weekends you can experience. There are unusual drinks that will tickle your senses, such as the Desert Grapes and Bright Skies & Sunny Days available. Also, you can snack on delicious foods that go well with your beverages.

The Lemon Tree & Co

Explore Cairo’s seasonal flavors as they emerge as delightful surprises at The Lemon Tree & Co. This spot draws tourists and residents alike with its unique atmosphere. Prepare to be mesmerized by the restaurant’s greasy appeal and outstanding architectural embellishments that adorn every nook and cranny. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy tasty cuisine while admiring the beautiful starry sky.

Essential Tips for Enjoying Cairo’s Nightlife

  • Egypt frowns at public drunkenness. Drinking in unlicensed public places is against the law, and authorities may arrest individuals who engage in such activities.
  • In Egypt, 21 is the minimum age for drinking.
  • From 5:15 a.m. to 1 a.m., the Cairo Metro offers a quick, inexpensive, and secure method to navigate about the city base.
  • Negotiate the fare in advance and prepare to barter for the best price because Cairo taxis frequently have non-functioning meters.

The vibrant and diverse nightlife in Cairo is a reflection of the city’s nonstop energy. With a beer in hand, you can socialize with residents and other tourists or take in the allure of the Nile.