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The basic questions we have to answer about ourselves

I just returned from the first day (yay beginnings!) of my newest German language course here in Berlin. To say I was nervous before this class started would be a severe understatement. Just…

Tel Aviv street art

Revisiting Israel: my first trip of 2013

Revisiting Israel and the Palestinian territories – my first visit to Israel in over 2 years and an update on the new places & tourist sites I plan to see

berlin silvester

Celebrating NYE 2013 in Berlin: loud and bright

Photos from Berlin’s Silvester party at Brandenburger Tor — ringing in the 2013 new year

Kindle - perfect for travelers?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review: travel tech that’s good for travelers

So it finally happened. My luggage and backpack’s weigh finally crushed me and convinced me to give in and start using an e-reader. And you know what? I love it. A device that…

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Taking a break from Berlin

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Over the past several months in Berlin, I’ve begun to find myself exhausted. Tired of looking at apartments, of dealing with…

travel notebook

First impressions of Venice

Arrived at the Venezia Santa Lucia train station sometime after 6 a.m.—seemed like the city was asleep but the sun was awake and bright. No one bombarded me at the station with information,…

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Lost in my mind & finding inspiration

Well, I’ve been in Europe for more than three months now, and most of it I’ve been here, living in Berlin. I’ve said it a million times, but there’s something truly special and…

Living in Berlin, at least for a little while

Hi, So here I am. In Berlin. If you read the random update from a few days ago, you must know by now that I was starting to look for a way to…

An ending and a beginning

I just wrote about how I’m starting on a Eurotrip and that I don’t know how long it’ll last, where I’ll go or what I want to do. While leaving Asia is bittersweet,…


Going on a Eurotrip!

Today I’m flying to Europe! I’ve been traveling around the world for over 13 months now and I’ve seen and done a lot, but really, there is still one place I’ve wanted to…

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