Last month I visited Poznan, Poland with my boyfriend on a short weekend break from Berlin. The city, on the western side of Poland, is one of Poland’s more historical ones. And the Poznan Cathedral (located on Cathedral Island) is generally regarded as the oldest in Poland, making this one of Poland’s oldest cities as well.

But we weren’t in Poznan for the history. On a weekend break, we just wanted to enjoy the little sights and things to do in the city, so our time was spent mostly wandering the city streets and taking photos. And taking in the culture (ie, eating pierogies). I’ll share more about the things we did in Poznan, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of the colorful city that is Poznan, Poland. I wasn’t expecting the city to be so “bright” but colors definitely shone through the Polish city.

Watching an art class through the windows of the city’s art museum, the National Museum
Near the old town square, all the buildings were colorful—even the little churches hidden down alleyways
The Old Town (Stare Miasto) of Poznan
At the super cool KontenerART complex – art galleries, bars, beach and public space
Poznan street art
Graffiti nearby the Cathedral Island
Bridge onto the Cathedral Island
Another view of the Poznan Old City
Food in Poznan
Lunch at the Vine Bridge restaurant – Poland’s smallest restaurant (they’ve only got three tables!)
Poznan old city
And for good measure, another view of the Poznan Old City’s colorful buildings

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  1. Kris

    Hi there! I am glad you liked Poznan and shared positive opinions about this town!

    I am actually Polish and I was born in Poznan and have been living there fom 20 years. Now I am in Spain but I recommend my home town to everyone who wants to visit Poland.


    • Thanks Kris – it was a really pretty Polish city. I might end up going again this summer!

  2. Colorful. It is like you’re living around art when you’re in Poland. So fun and beautiful.

  3. Damon and Jo

    I’m sorry; we just can’t get over your blog design. IT LOOKS SO GREAT ADAM! CONGRATS! Also, we think you just convinced us to go to Poland in May! We’ll be taking a Eurail trip and we were on the fence with Poland! Thanks!

  4. Oh I love, love, love this! I am Polish and whenever another blogger blogs about my country in such a nice way I am very excited. My sister used to live in Poznan and I really liked it. It was one of the cities where I could live in Poland, if I ever decide to move back.
    Poland and Polish people are quite homophobic. Did you encounter anything like that from Poles?

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  6. You are good at capturing moments that other people do not necessarily know, especially in parts of the city that turned out to have a view of beautiful art. Nice post!

  7. very pretty city…Poland rocks!

  8. shabrina

    Wow! Ur blog is one of my fav ever!. Design, writings, photos, and even the blog layout is great! Awesome

  9. Very beautiful article and pictures loved it.

  10. Thanks Adam for the post! The pics are amazing and great. These pics are making me to plan for a visit in Poland. I have never been there. Would love to have a visit.

  11. Great post Adam. I will put on this on my travel bucket list. Poland is absolutely beautiful country.

    • Thanks Stephen – and yep, Poland is such a big and diverse country with some really beautiful cities

  12. Adam

    any more pictures from inside the class ?!

    • Hey Adam – I didn’t actually join the class but just watched them for a while from the outside. I did spend some time exploring the museum though – they had a decent collection of contemporary works.

  13. I really enjoyed this article, the pictures were sweet :)!

    • Aw thanks Clay – it was fun to explore the city with my camera

  14. love the old reddish look of those buildings

    • I know, right, Rebecca? Poznan was surprisingly colorful and Poland isn’t normally a country I’d associate with colorful buildings! It was a beautiful surprise.

  15. I’ve always wanted to go to Poland and have heard Krakow is lovely. It’s one of those destinations that doesn’t immediatly spring to mind but often those less obvious choices are the best!

    • I visited Krakow in 2006 but will probably try to revisit again soon. It was really touristic even when I visited back then, and I’ve heard even more so today, but I still think it’s a city worth visiting. Poznan had its own special charm and if you can get there easy enough, it can make for a nice romantic city break :)

  16. Wonderful photos, Adam! Didn’t realize Poznan was so colourful. With all the posts I’ve been seen lately about it, it’s moving higher and higher up my next Poland itinerary.

    • Poland can be a really colorful place!

  17. Michaela

    Polis cities are so pretty, I was in Torun a few months ago and I was astonished how beautiful it was!

    • I really love the colors and style of so many of the smaller European cities – places that aren’t usually on a travel itinerary but make for great city breaks :)

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  19. Nice shots. I have to visit Poznan someday and wander along those pretty streets, looks colorful. I spent there only one day 2 years ago and didn’t see much.
    Have you ever been to Cracow? In my opinion, the best polish city. Love it.

    • Thanks Patrycja :)

      I went to Cracow (if that’s the same as Krakow) years ago, back in 2006… Definitely long overdue for another visit!

  20. This is a very pretty city! I am sad to have missed it while living in Berlin a few years back. I still haven’t made it to Poland at all, so next time around!

    • Ahh don’t kick yourself too much, Katie – it can be hard to find a reason to leave Berlin!

      Poland is definitely worth a visit, though – it’s a big country with a lot to offer!

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