I’m in Los Angeles! It’s 7am here and I’ve just woken up. Eight hours sleep even. I’m sitting in my snazzy hotel suite at The Hotel Roosevelt, just along Hollywood Boulevard. Last night, after arriving in the city, I found myself sitting by the pool all afternoon & evening—cocktail after cocktail in my hand, gossiping with a new friend (Hi Arnette!) and collecting tips for the city of angels.

hollywood roosevelt - los angeles hotel pool
Hanging out by the pool – LA LIFE

The past two weeks have been an incredible whirlwind—Berlin, Chicago, road tripping in Illinois, Boston and now Los Angeles. I’ve never felt so professional, so silly, so alive. I know I haven’t updated this blog while I’ve been traveling; I’ve just been too busy tweeting and ‘gramming my way across the USA. But don’t worry: I’ve actually written a handful of travel blogs for everything I’ve been up to—they’re just in my handwritten journal. I’ll transfer them online here soon enough, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I’m feeling now.

Because, as a friend recently wrote to me: “It’s what makes us awesome: all the feelings (!!) and all the thinking.”

Today, I’m feeling excited. I’ve never felt so confident about what it is that I do. I feel really good about life right now and am so excited to see what’s going to happen next. This travel writing/travel blogging life has had its ups and downs. Writing this blog for over 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about the world, but also about myself. And today I’m excited about who I am and where I’m going. Let’s hope LA doesn’t kill those dreams—this is supposed to be the city that either makes or breaks you and here I am, laid bare, ready for the next adventure.

hollywood roosevelt
Inspiration and to-do lists

But while I’m excited about my professional future, I’m also just excited about life. And really—isn’t that what’s important here? My week around Illinois with new friends was one of the best holidays I’ve been on. I felt alive while visiting Chicago: staying in a trendy hotel, hopping in cabs to get around the city (and the metro, too), visiting old friends and making new ones. Road tripping through the state for a week led to more new adventures and a lot of funny stories (which you’ll get here on the blog soon enough). It’s those random and small adventures you get while traveling that can rejuvenate life. It’s what gives me energy, excitement, passion for life. It’s the “adventure” of travel—regardless of how adventurous your travel experiences may be.

Boston did the same. I spoiled myself by booking an expensive, trendy hotel. For the only reason because I wanted to stay somewhere nice, to enjoy that little bit of luxury for a weekend reunion. When I went out, I just did what I wanted to do—using my credit card to make sure I enjoyed every moment of my short weekend. Sometimes you just have to spend money blindly (within reason), without worry about consequences. And even better if you get to enjoy a surf & turf dinner with amazing cocktails. Life’s an adventure, but if you don’t enjoy it — what’s the point?

Los Angeles
Arriving in LA

Today I’m in Los Angeles. I’ve had a strange obsession with Los Angeles for over a year now. I recently discovered Los Angeles is the sister city to Berlin and found that fact surprising—what similarities might these two big cities share?! I’ve seen the city in a hundred different TV shows and movies. Friends who live here now or have lived here in the past have offered up so many different perspectives, so many different ideas of what this city is like. I’ve watched the YouTube clips from West Hollywood vloggers. I follow a lot of LA instagrammers. But now I’m here and I’m ready to see it for myself.

A few months ago I stumbled on this YouTube miniseries (see below) from an LA comedian, Jimmy Fowlie. The series, “Go-Go Boy Interrupted,” hooked me from the very beginning—not just because of all the hot guys in underwear—but because it seems like a window into a world I don’t know. I spend so much time on YouTube exploring new things and new places. But every now and then, we’ve got to get out and explore the world too… (Random side note: I kind of always regretted never being a go-go dancer.)

I’m super curious about Los Angeles. A city full of beautiful people, where life seems to be perfect (but I’m certain it’s not—because where really is perfect?). Is LA the city of dreams? I want to see what the city is like, what the people who live here are really like. Does the city live up to its ridiculous stereotypes? Is it cool here, or is it pretentious? Is gay life in Los Angeles all that it’s cracked up to be? I don’t really care—but I’m in “travel mode” so I’m ready for whatever adventure might come my way this week.

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