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7 Fall Fashion Trends Worth Taking on Your Trip

For many people, their travel plans take place in the summer. Around 60% of vacations are taken during summer, with July being the most popular month to get out of town. However, there is something special about traveling during the Fall and Winter.

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or traveling to states popular for their Fall foliage like Virginia and Vermont, there are many reasons why it’s the best time of year for a getaway. If you’re sartorially minded, you likely want to wear your best for the photos you’ll take on your journey and may be wondering what to pack and leave at home.

Well, luck favors the prepared, so if you need some inspiration on the Fall trends everyone needs in their suitcase, keep reading. 

7 Fall Fashion Trends

Smart Skivvies 

There are many reasons you’d want to take the right intimates on your Fall or Winter trip, not the least of which is that the right underwear makes you feel confident. If your vacation is a couples getaway, it’s a no-brainer to pack some mood-boosting undergarments. The great thing about skivvies is they take up minimal space in your bag, so pack as much as you want! 

Trusty Jeans 

Jeans are one of the most iconic fashion items items for a reason – they look great with everything and can be worn year-round. While this Fall, the trends lean toward a baggier fit, bringing along your favorite, trusty jeans is a must no matter where you’re headed. If you can’t get on board with the baggy jean trend, at least opt for a straight leg and ditch the skinnies.

Leather Jacket 

No matter your gender, a leather jacket is one of the most important Fall fashion trends this year. It doesn’t matter if you feel more attractive in a leather bomber, motorcycle jacket, or leather trench; they’re a must-pack. Leather jackets are also perfect for all weather types, so whether your destination is calling for clear skies or snowy weather, you’re prepared to look phenomenal by bringing one along. 

Elevated Knits 

This Fall is seeing the return of preppy prints, from plaid to Houndstooth. Make sure you stay warm in style with one or two elevated knit sweaters in a fun and current print. If prints are hard for you to feel confident in, opt for prints in muted and neutral colors. A cream or beige cashmere sweater with a toned-down plaid will never go out of style. 

Platform Boots 

The mule and work boot style has been in trend for a while, but today, it’s all about some height. You may have dipped your toes into the platform trend this summer with your sneakers or sandals, so keep that momentum with your boots. Platform boots look great with everything from midi dresses to jeans. Another benefit to packing platform boots on your Fall trip is they keep your feet not only warm but comfortable. Explore your destination style, and don’t lose steam halfway through the day with a pair of sturdy, durable platform boots. 

Reusable Coffee Cups 

You may think a drinking receptacle isn’t a fashion trend, but the truth is, the reusable water bottle had a moment this summer. Sustainability is cool, and your commitment to the climate crisis is always in good taste. With the weather cooler in Fall, you may be toting around coffee or tea instead of water, but do it with a reusable cup. Traveling can leave us exhausted and dehydrated, so including a reusable drinking cup helps you look and feel good. 


Turtlenecks are a classic style that fell out of favor for a while, but they’re back and making everyone look great. Turtlenecks are practical but lend sophistication, confidence, and comfort to cooler temperatures. Fall and Winter fashion is all about layering, especially when traveling, so include a classic white turtleneck in your suitcase. If you’re a huge fan of the style, a navy or hunter green turtleneck will look phenomenal all season too. 

Traveling in the Fall can feel magical, watching the trees turn and maybe experiencing an early snowfall, depending on where you’re headed. By including the above Fall-fashion trends on your packing list, you’ll look great in your travel pictures and, more importantly, comfortable on the journey. Happy Trails!