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Abandoned Berlin Hospital

Seeing as how the last days of summer seem to be upon us (at least in Berlin), thanks to a great tip from a Berlin blog, my friends and I headed out to do some urban exploring on Saturday. We visited the abandoned children’s hospital in Weißensee. The abandoned kinderkrankenhaus was apparently one of the first of its kind and built during the Prussia era (before either World Wars). It’s been abandoned and left to rot—and seemed to be the target of several arson attacks.

I didn’t see any signs saying it was illegal to enter, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t. And we did spot some sleeping bags in one area which clearly meant the building is being used as a makeshift shelter for some unfortunate homeless. The abandoned Berlin hospital is easy to reach by bike and we spent maybe an hour wandering through the abandoned buildings. It wasn’t entirely unsafe, but we were also fairly cautious. Random potholes and a roof that looked pretty unstable kept us out of some of the rooms.

View more photos in the gallery below.

Abandoned Children’s Hospital (Weißensee)
Hansastraße 178-180, 13088 Berlin

  1. Penny Sadler says:

    What is it about abandoned buildings that fascinates? I’ve always been drawn to them. Great photo documentary Adam.

  2. Adam says:

    I think it’s because they make for such great photo essays ;)

  3. This reminds me of the grafitti-etched ghost subway station long abandoned on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that the Number 1 train whizzes past. What weirdly gorgeous pictures.

    • Adam says:

      Ah very cool! I wouldn’t think Manhattan would have many abandoned spaces. I do remember seeing an essay by a NY author (Jonathan Safran Foer) about the abandoned subway line, though…

  4. Melissa says:

    Great photos- love the short video. I second Terry’s comment- have you visited any of the abandoned subway tunnels/buildings in NYC? I think you’d enjoy seeing some of them…

    • Adam says:

      I haven’t and didn’t really know there’d be many. Definitely will look into it on my next visit

  5. I would be frightened to go in. That place looks like a perfect spot for squatters.

    I remember when I lived in Rhode Island, we went to an abandoned wear house, similar to this and it was scary not for who could be living there, that we can fall on a rotted piece of wood and kill ourselves.

    I don’t think I would do that now, I’m less immortal :)

    • Adam says:

      There were definitely some squatters who seemed to have made it home. You also always should be careful when visiting abandoned places, but this one seemed pretty safe and we avoided the sketchier and more dangerous-looking areas.

  6. Dale says:

    I love the combination of urban exploration and street art, especially when the street art is hidden on the inside, that you really have to be committed to see the best artwork and that it’s like a prize for making it so far.

    I’ve found some good art this way, but not as much as I’d expect to find in and around Berlin.

  7. So cool. I love the morbidity and creativity in this!!

  8. Joseph Kiely says:

    Really weird and great photo’s I have a fascination with modern ruins, as nature and graffiti take over. Very cool!

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