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Travels of Adam is powered by WordPress. The website uses a custom-made theme and design built by Digital Deluxe and Rocani in 2014.

Some additional development work, including creating parts of this website available in multiple languages, was done with the help from programmer Andrew Couch.

The Travels of Adam logo was originally created by Adam Groffman. View Adam’s design portfolio at http://adamgroffman.com.

Travels of Adam is hosted by Performance Foundry.


The travelsofadam.com website uses over 20 plugins, but the following are the most useful and are highly recommended:

About the Advertising

Advertising makes up an important part of this website, but to maintain editorial integrity, all display ads are served by third parties. Previous ad networks have included the Condé Nast Style Network and Google Adsense, but since 2017, Travels of Adam uses Mediavine.

Additional content advertising (related content at the end of posts) is provided through Zergnet.

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Photography & Camera Gear

Canon T3i Rebel

All photos on this website were taken by Adam Groffman unless otherwise noted. Cameras used by Adam to shoot photography for this website include the following:

  • Canon T3i EOS Rebel digital SLR (highly recommended)
    • It’s a high quality digital SLR camera body which is used with lenses like the ones mentioned below.
  • Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (highly recommended)
    • This lens is best used for food and portrait photography.
  • Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
    • This lens is a great basic lens to start with and will allow you to work with multiple zoom ranges.
  • Canon G series point-and-shoot cameras (recommended for those on a budget)
    • For under $500, this point-and-shoot from Canon is a fool-proof camera that provides a lot of excellent options and is probably more than you might ever need for travel photography and blogging.

I’m also a prolific mobile photographer—using either an iPhone (currently an iPhone 6 Plus) or the Google Pixel.

View Adam’s other photography on Flickr.


All photos and content on https://travelsofadam.com are owned by “Travels of Adam” unless otherwise noted. For more information, read the privacy policy and disclaimer.

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