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5 Favorite Christmas Onesies To Stay Comfy at Home This Christmas

I’d never owned a onesie before this month. I’d always thought they were cute, but I’m the type that prefers to get dressed each day rather than sit around in sweatpants & loungewear. But since so much has changed in my daily routine & life this year, I figured this holiday season, I’d like to make sure I stay comfortable so that I stay home.

With the pandemic still surging and the vaccine still months away, I know I’m spending my Christmas alone at home. While I may be alone and away from family, I do have some friends around, so we’re already planning Christmas movie marathons & cookie baking parties.

I’ve got my Christmas cards already, and drag Christmas specials queued up, but what should I wear for a month of lounging at home?

Enter the Christmas onesie!

Christmas onesie pajamas have become my go-to lounge at-home wear since I received one as a gift from Shinesty. Shinesty Apparel is an online e-commerce site dedicated to the largest collection of outrageous party clothing & themed party apparel. Their site features outfits for all of life’s social moments—and the clothes are comfortable too!

These Christmas onesies make great pre-Christmas gifts because you can wear them all season long and while we’re all stuck at home in quarantines, it’s a fun & safe way to simply chill.

This single piece of pajama fabric will provide you warmth all winter. Christmas onesies come in all shapes and sizes and styles.

Ugly Christmas onesies, sexy Christmas onesies, Holiday onesies, men’s and women’s and onesies for adults. Shinesty sells so many fun & funky styles, and I’ve got two which are my favorite, but the selection below is a curated list from their entire Christmas onesie collection.

5 Favorite Christmas Onesies from Shinesty

The Naughty Neon Noel

This neon Christmas onesie will literally highlight the holidays this year—and it’s pretty damn sexy, too. If the movies The Nightmare Before Christmas and Eyes Wide Shut had a baby, it would come out wearing this neon lights Christmas onesie.

Whether at your hometown dive bar, an at-home dance party, or just want to impress the in-laws at holiday dinner, this Christmas themed neon print captivates all the attention.

The How Coke is Made

This Christmas onesie might look cute with its polar bears, but take a closer look. That’s when you see these polar bears aren’t so innocent!

The name of this onesie on the Shinesty gives away the sexy nature to this holiday onesie. Check out those facial expressions on the bears; this isn’t a children’s Christmas story! Cute, sexy, and comfortable—this holiday onesie is great for an adult party.

The Eggnog Aficionado

If you’re looking for a classic holiday onesie, this eggnog-themed one has all that cozy style you’d expect from a true winter onesie.

The Button Masher

Harkening back to the glory days when you and your friends would pull all-nighters, drink way too many beverages, and smash the buttons on your PlayStation controller, this onesie inspired by PlayStation is the perfect apparel to wear when pulling another long campaign on the couch.

It’s comfortable, breathable and has a big zip for those pit stops after your seventh drink. I just love the print, even if I haven’t snagged a game system myself—yet. Are you listening, Santa?

The Lumbersexual

Buying this buffalo check onesie solidifies your entry into deep, deep hibernation for the winter. And speaking of deep, check out the zipper on this red and black checkered Christmas onesie. Good luck trying to keep that fully zipped.

View these Christmas onesies and other holiday apparel on the Shinesty website.