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Travel blogs, photos and stories from one of the best Scandinavian cities. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is home to an alternative culture, thousands of years of history and unique and interesting things to do

Copenhagen & Malmö Art Museums

Copenhagen Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Copenhagen

Home to an alternative culture, thousands of years of history and many unique and interesting things to do, Copenhagen is the one of the coolest Scandinavian cities. Start here with my basic Copenhagen travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Copenhagen travel blogs.

When to Visit

Among all the Scandinavian capitals, Copenhagen has probably the least extreme weather. Though temperatures do get cold in winter, you’ll be fine if you wrap up properly!

Undoubtedly, summer is the best time to visit Copenhagen in order to enjoy the city the full extent, but it’s a vibrant enough city that any time of year will be interesting. Spring can also be nice, with frequent sunny days, and fall is beautiful with the changing of the colors.

If you visit Copenhagen in the winter, you’ll get the chance to experience Danish hygge (coziness) at its peak!

Top Things To Do

Visit the Danish Design Museum – With the largest design library in all of Scandinavia, this museum showcases the best of Danish design, largely of furniture since the early 20th century till the modern day.

Contemplate the Little Mermaid statue – Created by artist Edvard Eriksen and inspired by his wife Eline, is probably the most famous sight in Copenhagen. The mermaid, my friends, is an expat, a refugee, an immigrant. She leaves her own world behind to go to explore a new world, and as many of us who travel and live abroad, she’s anchored in this struggle between old and new, between happiness and melancholia.

Explore Freetown Christiania – This car-free neighborhood of Copenhagen is actually an independent state, separate from the Danish government! Set up in the 1970s by a group of hippies, it now consists of quirky houses, art galleries, cheap places to eat and some of the city’s coolest music venues and parties.

Copenhagen Tours

Although it’s a relatively small city, taking a tour around Copenhagen will save you time and get you in to some areas of the city you might otherwise overlook, so it’s definitely worth you time to consider one. Take a look at this selection of Copenhagen tours.

LGBTQ – Gay Copenhagen Travel Guide

These are a few of the best things you should know about visiting gay Copenhagen.

G-A-Y Copenhagen – Maybe the best place to come at weekends and dance your face off, this place features live guest DJs and has great drinks specials.

Jailhouse CPH – A gay bar and restaurant with a prison theme, this place located in a basement has uniformed bar staff and prison cell seating. There are regular events, such as Bear Night, and it’s known for its legendary Halloween party.

Amigo Sauna – The only gay sauna in Copenhagen, and indeed all of Scandinavia, this expansive place spread over three floors with a dry sauna, steam room, maze, dark room, video room and private cabins is a fun place to explore and meet some barely clothed men.

More gay travel resources here.

Copenhagen Hotel Deals

Copenhagen has plenty of cool and quirky hotels, as well as all the big chains you’d expect. They’ll likely get full when there’s a conference or special event in town, so definitely consider booking in advance. I’ve found that using, or Hotels Combined can be really useful for finding last-minute deals.

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Copenhagen Travel Blogs