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Travel blogs, photos and features from the state of Saxony in Germany

Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

Saxony Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Saxony

The Federal German state of Saxony has a long and fascinating history. Nowadays, it’s home to some cool cities, beautiful nature and lots of cultural things going on. Start here with my basic Saxony travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Saxony travel blogs.

When to Visit

Like most of the rest of Germany, Saxony has four very distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid and is when the town gets its most visitors, but fall can also a great time to visit, as everything looks prettier under the golden hue of the leaves.

In winter, there are Christmas markets and it will often snow and get very cold, but as long as you dress appropriately you’ll be fine. Spring can also be nice, but it will be chilly and you may not be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as other times of year.

Top Cities To Visit

Leipzig – The largest city in Saxony, Leipzig has a young vibe and lots going on. With a tradition of live music, some cool street art, good food and a fascinating history, you shouldn’t miss it on a trip to this part of Germany.

Dresden – The capital of Saxony, Dresden was almost completely flattened in the Second World War, and was rebuilt in its former glory, but is also home to some important examples of modernist architecture. There are some interesting museums worth visiting in Dresden on topics as diverse as biology and natural history to transport and of course art.

Chemnitz – Formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt, this city has some cool stuff to see, including a modern art museum with pieces by Otto Dix, a botanical garden and a highly renowned theatre showing world-class ballets, opera and plays.

Saxony Tours

Saxony is one of Germany’s smaller states, but taking a tour will give you an insight into more of the history and landscapes (both cultural and literal) of the state, taking you to parts you might otherwise miss.

LGBTQ – Gay Saxony Travel Guide

German cities are generally speaking very easy and welcoming places to visit as an LGBTQ person, while rural areas may be somewhat less so. Saxony has a decent amount of gay life, though, and these are a few of the best things you should know about visiting gay Saxony.

Leipzig’s queer scene – Saxony’s biggest city has the most diverse queer scene, with drag shows, queer feminist groups, gay parties and Europe’s largest gay sauna.

Dresden Pride – As the capital of Saxony, it has the best pride event of the state’s calendar. Taking place in late May over a long weekend, it consists of multiple outdoor musical events, a street fair and of course the parade.

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Saxony Travel Blogs