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Trave blogs, photos and features from Cesenatico, Italy

Cesenatico (rainy day)

Cesenatico Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Cesenatico

Famous for its beaches, Cesenatico is a popular holiday destination for northern Europeans and offers a relaxed and laid-back vibe, great seafood and beautiful sea views. Start here with my basic Cesenatico travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Cesenatico travel blogs.

When to Visit

In order to avoid the crowds of north European tourists to Cesenatico, it’s best not to come in July and August when the beaches get very busy and restaurants are fullest. This can make for a lively atmosphere, but if you prefer a calmer beach holiday, come in June or September when the weather is still perfect for time of the beach, but it’s much less busy. In winter, the town more or less shuts down.

Top Things To Do

Head to the beach – The main reason anyone comes to Cesenatico is for its beautifully clean beaches. You can easily spend a whole day on the beach here once you get a spot, lounging under an umbrella, sipping a drink at one of the many bars or swimming in the sea.

Rent a bike – The best way to get around Cesenatico is by bike. It’s easy to rent a bike at many places throughout the town, and it’ll give you the chance to head up or down the coast and explore the further reaches of the beach that many visitors don’t get to.

Visit the Maritime Museum – With a long history as a fishing and trading port, Cesenatico has a lot of maritime history and this museum does a wonderful job of displaying it in an accessible way. The great thing about this museum is that it’s free and you can visit it at any time of day because it’s entirely outdoors.

Cesenatico Tours

Although it’s a relatively small city, taking a tour around Cesenatico will save you time and get you in to some areas of the city you might otherwise overlook, so it’s definitely worth you time to consider one.

LGBT – Gay Cesenatico Travel Guide

Cesenatico is a small seaside town with not much going on in the way of gay nightlife. Instead, head to the nearby cities of Ravenna or Rimini, both only about 20 minutes away by train (the former to the north, the latter to the south) which have much more gay life to offer.

Cesenatico Hotel Deals

Cesenatico mostly has resorts catering to north European tourists, but there are some cool boutique hotels and holiday apartments to be found too. I’ve found that using, or Hotels Combined can be really useful for finding last-minute deals.

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Cesenatico Travel Blogs