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Most awaited European concert tours happening

If Rolling Stones and Garth Brooks had the most successful music tours in 2021, this year, we’ve got even more exciting names that will perform amazing shows. But other approaching tours are expected to occur around Europe in places where the whole world will gather. 

If you want to get tickets and ensure your place on these tours, purchasing them early is best. At the same, ensuring you’ve got accommodation and learning how to get around these cities is essential, especially if you’re coming from the US, Asia or other areas. If you’re into a particular artist, you can follow their socials and get early access to some of their concerts’ locations at a lower price. 

Let’s get into it!


Coldplay is one of the most known rock alternative bands around the world, most famous for songs such as Speed of Sound, Clocks or Viva la Vida. The London-based group was rewarded with multiple Grammys, and people compare its style with Radiohead and Oasis.

In 2023, Coldplay is doing a worldwide tour around Europe, the USA and Latin America. The concerts will start on the 17th of May in Portugal and will end on the 1st of October in the United States. The American locations are pretty near to each other, so if you’re coming from Boston, you might need to leave your car at the Boston Logan airport parking.

Here are the European countries where Coldplay will sing:

  • Portugal (17-21 May)
  • Spain (24-28 May)
  • United Kingdom (31st May-7th June)
  • Italy (21-29 June)
  • Switzerland (1st and 2nd of July)
  • Denmark (5th and 6th of July)
  • Sweden (8-12 July)
  • Netherlands (15-19 July)


Metallica is one of the oldest rock bands in the world since it was founded in 1981. With multiple hits and impressive songs, Enter Sandman got to the top of the “500 Greatest Songs of all Time”, while Nothing Else Matters entered the Billboard 200 as number one shortly after its release.

The 2023 Metallica world tour will primarily take place around Europe, but locations such as the US, Canada and Mexico are also on the list. The closest date to seeing Metallica is on the 13th of April in the Netherlands, but here are some other countries where you can find them:

  • France (17-19 May)
  • Germany (26-28 May)
  • United Kingdom (the 8th of June)
  • Finland (7-9 June 2024)
  • Poland (5-7 June 2024)
  • Spain (12-14 July 2024)
  • Mexico (20-29 September 2024)

The closest date to see Metallica in the US is on the fourth and sixth of August in East Rutherford. The nearest airport is in Boston, where you can get Logan airport parking in case you want to leave your car somewhere safe. 

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is yet another old but gold band founded in 1980 that mainly focuses on post-punk, synthpop and industrial rock. The group originated from the UK and is currently on the list of “50 Bands that changed the world” and “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

Regarding the tour, Depeche Mode will get across the whole world, so you don’t have to worry about missing them. Most Big European cities were chosen as concert locations, while Canada, the US and Mexico are also on the list. Here’s where to get your ticket:

  • Netherlands (16-18 May)
  • Belgium (the 29th of May)
  • Germany (4-6 June)
  • Spain (the 8th of June)
  • France (22-24 June)
  • Romania (26th July)
  • Poland (2-4 August)

Bruce Springsteen

The American singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is known for his long-lasting and energetic concerts as well as impressive lyrics. Many of his singles reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 10, and almost all his albums were successful during his career.

His concert tour is not that expanded since, besides the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK, only a few European locations are set to be the locations for his concerts, like:

  • France (13-15 May)
  • Netherlands (25 and 27 May and the 11th of June)
  • Denmark (11-13 July)
  • Germany (the 21st of June and 15 and 23 July)
  • Austria (the 18th of July)

You can buy the tickets directly from his website, but some might need to be searched for on other third-party ticket vendors. Springsteen stated that he’s excited to see his “great and loyal fans” as he always valued the public.

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is famous for his unique soundtrack contribution to the most known movies and adaptations. He’s the one who composed music for The Lion King, Dune and The Last Samurai. Hans reached the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses.

In 2023, Hans Zimmer will be present mostly around Europe in the following cities:

  • Germany (the 23rd of April, the 9th of June)
  • Belgium (the 25th of April and the 22nd of June)
  • Italy (1-3 May)
  • France (6-9 May and 23-25 June)
  • Portugal (the 13th of May)
  • Spain (11-16 May)
  • Switzerland (22-23 May)
  • Poland (the 30th of May)
  • Czech Republic (the 2nd of June)
  • Austria (the 3rd of June)
  • Hungary (the 5th of June)
  • Slovakia (the 6th of June)
  • UK (14-16 June)
  • Ireland (the 18th of June)

How to prepare for traveling to Europe

If you’re outside the European Union, you might need to get your visa in check and analyze the price exchanges. While some European countries are relatively affordable, some leverage expensive accommodation and food, such as Austria, for example. At the same time, getting an adaptor and power strip might come in handy, as European adaptors are different from American ones.

What’s best in Europe is that you can get everywhere with cheap public transportation. Trains, buses and trams are everywhere so you won’t have to pay for taxis. The locals are usually welcoming, but it would be best to respect their culture and not be loud around cities. However, if you want to party before or after concerts, know that European bars and clubs are like no other!

Bottom line

This year is full of exceptional worldwide tours by excellent singers and bands. Regardless of the genre you listen to, the artists above are ageless and a staple in the music industry, so we recommend getting your tickets as soon as possible.