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5 Fun and Useful Phone Accessories for Travel or at Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been spending a lot of time on your phone recently. My phone has always been my favorite accessory; in fact, it’s pretty much always in my hand. I generally keep it in my front left pocket, or in a bag, or in my hand. It’s there all the time.

Because my phone is my best companion, I would be remiss to not provide it with its own companions and accessories! My phone deserves attention and care, just like it provides to me.

On most travel packing lists, you’ll find various phone accessories for practical purposes. And while those are all well and useful, there are plenty of fun phone accessories you can use to add a bit of glam or style to your look.

5 of my favorite phone accessories

There’s no question we spend a lot of time on our phones, and as we become more glued to those screens, it makes sense there would be more and more ways to accessorize them, whether it’s for a long night out of partying, for a vacation, or just for a bit of at-home fun.

phone cord protector

Cord protectors

If you’re anything like me, you’ll burn through a phone charging cord every few months. The constant struggle of stuffing one in a pocket or a coat jacket, or winding it up and shoving it in a backpack—the wear and tear on our phone cords always makes them fall apart quickly. Especially the iPhone charging cords which are seemingly designed to disintegrate.

I’ll let you in on a secret, though. Your phone charging cords can be protected! My absolute favorite phone accessory are these cute animal cable protectors. For about $10, you get a set of cute animal cord protectors. Every time I use them in public, I always get compliments and “ohhhh where’d you get those?” They’re fun, cheap, and funky—the perfect combo to save you money and protect your phone.

AirPods Pro headphones

The AirPods Pro noise-cancelling headphones that were released in 2019 are a great travel tech option for travelers, freelancers, and digital nomads. Actually: for everyone. Now that I’m stuck at home, I find myself even using them walking around the house in my underwear. The sound is great and the AirPod Pro headphones even block out all the scary noises happening outside.

Read more about my why I love my AirPods Pro headphones.

Fun phone cases

Want to add some personality to your phone? Use a funky or fun phone case! It’s a lot of fun to personalize your phone (especially when we all seem to have the same phones).

Amazon has all sorts of funky options for fun phone cases. Go for the ridiculous, toy-sized phone covers like this Pikachu one, or go with a seasonal-themed one like this gingerbread phone cover. The more fun, the better—like this 3D soft silicone French Fries case or a Pringles design.

Portable charger

For those times when you’re not stuck at home, portable battery packs and chargers are pretty much a necessity. Even as the phone manufacturers increase the battery life with every new model, if you use your phone as much as I use mine, you’ll still need a backup phone charger.

I carry around a 5600+ watt battery pack I got at Walmart (after my ex stole my last one) for less than $10. The high wattage means it lasts for days to help me cover periods when my phone battery life might go low.

Lens Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes

It’s no surprise that the constant contact with our phones makes them incredibly dirty, and possibly infected. Besides regular finger smudges and just dirt and dust, it’s important (now more than ever) to make sure your phone is disinfected.

I’ve previously used simple tech lens cleaning wipes to keep my screen free from smudges, but now I’m looking for more serious cleaning products I can use to keep my phone disinfected.

Our phones are extensions of ourselves. It’s important to accessorize and provide your phone with useful and fun accessories.