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4 Destinations for 4 Different Game Tournaments

Competitive gaming has been drawing in more enthusiasts from around the world in recent years. There is no better way to engage in gaming than large tournaments. These take place in various cities and exotic destinations and are a great hit among visitors. 

Today, we will dive into four of the most popular gaming tournaments, along with the best destinations to play them at. So, let’s start!

poker deck of cards - four aces

Poker Tournaments 

Poker tournaments have grown in popularity throughout the years. Digital advancements have made it possible to partake in these events online. This has led to people enjoying watching poker tournaments online, rather than traveling. Players from all walks of life and skill levels gather to showcase their strategies and compete for the title and, potentially, a hefty reward.

At a typical poker tournament, however, players purchase a seat, contribute to a collective pool, and play until one person has acquired all the chips. These tournaments can vary in size: some are small events with just a few participants, while others can have thousands of players spread across countless tables.

Las Vegas is the most popular destination for poker tournaments. Situated in the Nevada desert, this vibrant city, often dubbed ‘Sin City,’ is a hub for gaming enthusiasts globally. Its streets are lined with casinos that offer a vast range of poker tables ready to challenge both novices and pros. 

The most notable event hosted here is the World Series Of Poker, a prestigious gathering that attracts the best of the poker world. While direct entry might be out of reach for some due to its substantial buy-in, many earn their spot by winning satellite tournaments online.

baseball game tournament


Esports has grown in popularity tremendously with the advancements being made in gaming tech and live streaming capabilities. Players have been able to showcase their skills to people all around the world whilst being in their bedrooms. The sheer number of viewers has created an opportunity where people can watch their favorite gamers compete against each other in tournaments. 

Esports tournaments often take place in physical locations and offer spectators a chance to see the magic for themselves. Held in colossal stadiums, these events are a spectacle, drawing vast in-person audiences. Additionally, they capture the attention of hundreds of thousands more online through various live-streaming platforms.

There are many famous esports tournaments, but the League of Legends World Championship is loved by all. It is popularly called “Worlds” and is managed by Riot Games. The championship is not only celebrated for its competitive gameplay but also for its ceremonial performances, which is part of its appeal.

Shanghai is where the world’s best gamers meet to compete. People fly in and travel many miles to see the events take place. It’s a new form of sport that seemed unlikely just a matter of years ago. 

The popular Mercedes-Benz Arena hosted an important esports competition in 2016, and it was hugely successful despite controversies. Moving on, in 2023, the same venue hosted “The International” world championship, making it clear that it’s the center of esports.


Chess Tournaments

Chess has rich historical roots and has had many fans since its beginnings in 600 AD.  Today, many cities around the world can be regarded as major chess destinations. However, Moscow, Russia is one of the most notable areas of the world where chess is incredibly popular. The city has hosted many World Chess Championship matches along with other notable tournaments. 

Speaking of tournaments, the Candidates Tournament is the most famous game in chess. In this tournament, the best eight players give their best to win the prestigious World Chess Champion title. 

Table Tennis Tournaments

Table tennis has tournaments worldwide. With associations in 227 regions, you’re likely to find a match happening close by. This game took off after it was included in the 1988 Olympic Games. For pros, the pinnacle of competition lies in the Olympic Games, World Championships, and the four-yearly WTT Grand Smashes. 

If you’re seeking prime table tennis destinations, look no further than Durban, South Africa. They hosted the main event of 2023, the World Championships, from 20-28 May. 

The ITTE has a membership of 226 countries, but it’s China that stands out with the highest number of table tennis fans. Dominating the global rankings, the top three – Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, and Xu Xin – are all from China. Ma Long, in particular, is heralded as the all-time greatest in the sport.

Gaming is more popular now than it has ever been. With new tournaments being introduced daily, fans are loaded with choices, and major rewards await. Not only that, but the captivating destinations add more value to these tournaments.

Be it Las Vegas, Moscow, or Shanghai, every city has a new experience to offer. These tournaments depict rich cultures and historical values and are a delight to watch.