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Top 7 Group Adventures Around the World

Adventure holidays are fun, but more so if you travel in the company of like-minded individuals. And it’s significantly cheaper, too! From wildlife excursions in Uganda to rainforest hikes in Peru, here are seven group adventures you should try.


If you’re craving for the ultimate wildlife and nature adventure, Uganda has you covered. Track mountain gorillas at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, watch out for the Big Five on a thrilling drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park, or cruise the Kazinga Channel in search of hippos and Nile crocodiles. Don’t miss a trip to the sublime Lake Bunyonyi and explore its 29 islands on a canoe.


As home to the world’s highest mountain, Nepal is a favorite destination of avid mountaineers and trekkers. But, there’s more to the country than mountaineering and trekking. Here, you can navigate your raft through the rapids of the Trisuli River, conquer the 1,860-meter zip line in Pokhara or cycle into the country’s mountainous terrain. If you want something exceptionally hair-raising, try the Everest skydive. It’s simple: get on a plane, and at 29,500 feet high, jump, either solo or with your group towards the summit of Mount Everest.


Few destinations rival Scotland when it comes to intrigue, mystery, and adventure. Paddle to the deserted islands in the Outer Hebrides, swim in the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, look for the secret pyramid in Cairngorms National Par, and brave the underground vaults and spooky graveyards in Edinburgh.

And because you are in Scotland, grab the opportunity to stay in an authentic Scottish castle, preferably one with a resident ghost, for an extra thrill. Lastly, be gastronomically fearless and try the country’s unique but very delectable fare: haggis, cock-a-leekie soup, deep-fried mars bars, and neeps and tatties.


Canada’s diverse terrain and striking landscape make it ideal for outdoor activities, and every region has something distinct to offer. In Manitoba, you can kayak with beluga whales and stroll with polar bears, while at the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, you can observe free-roaming cayotes, wild bison, and prairie dogs.

Snowboard in Mont Tremblant, sleep in a lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, climb Gros Morne summit. If you’re feeling extra bold, chug a glass of vodka containing someone’s dead toe at Downtown Hotel in Yukon. 


From parched deserts to lush rainforests to snowcapped mountains, Peru’s landscape is an assortment of everything beautiful and bewildering. An inspired adventure trek holiday with your buddies to the spectacular Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is a must, and so is a hike into the Amazon rainforest.

Ascend the peaks of Cordillera Blanca, descend into the breathtaking Cañon Del Colca, glide down the towering dunes in Huacachina, and fly over the enigmatic geoglyphs in Nazca. If you have the stomach (literally) for exotic food, Peru is the right place to test your limits. Try fried big-bottomed ants, grilled grubs on a stick, and arcilla de chaco, a creamy paste made of clay, salt, and water, served alongside tubers.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers heart-pumping adventures that come with breathtaking views. No, we do not mean the Lord of the Rings themed attractions (although a visit to at least one of the filming locations is something you should experience.)

We’re talking about scaling craggy mountains using tree roots as ladders, free-falling from a height of 134 meters at the Nevis bungee jump, and off-road driving through back-country tracks.

And if you’re not afraid of heights, try sky diving. But if you want something truly unique, try blackwater rafting in the glowworm cave in Waitomo. The worms are, in reality, luminous maggots, but in the darkness, they look like sparkling blue stars.

Sri Lanka

With its thick rainforests, impressive wildlife, a wealth of lagoons, and spectacular hill countries, it’s easy to see why Sri Lanka’s popularity among outdoor enthusiasts is rapidly increasing. The stunning countryside, with its scenic hillocks and quiet dirt road, is perfect for mountain biking.

The unspoilt Sinharaja Forest Reserve is ideal for trekking, wild camping, and canyoning, while the Kalani river is best for rafting. You can witness leopards contentedly lounging on trees and Asian elephants freely rambling around at the Yala National Park or watch dolphins frolic with the waves in Kalpitiya.