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All the fun you can have on public transportation

Hey guys and gals,

I just caught a glimpse of a cool video over on The Gothamist and it got me thinking about public transport, the subway and all the fun you can have. Whether you’re a tourist in some strange new city, or a 21st century bohemian living at large between the big glass and concrete buildings, metro systems and public transport are an awesome way to see the world.

I’m a big, BIG fan of public transportation. Firstly because it’s quite a green way to travel, but also because of all the interesting things you might see. Besides the pervs, sketchballs and thieves (but really—aren’t they everywhere?), riding the subway you might spot celebrities, spontaneous smiles or other absurdities. There are so many fun things to do on the subway — an easy way to add some smiles to boring commutes. Not just for yourself, but for those (lucky) folks sitting next to you. Making eye contact with strangers, and a soft smile are a great way to just spread a bit of joy around the world.

I have so many fond memories from subways around the world. Whether it was public drinking on the London underground (before it was banned), dancing in Berlin, partying on the green line in Boston or getting stuck between the doors in Paris, the metro…I just love it.

When traveling, it’s one of those experiences that always makes a city destination that much more interesting. The foreignness of the people riding a subway, the strange signs (particularly these lovely ones in Berlin), the different people and destinations; isn’t the subway spectacular?!

Personally, I enjoy paying attention to what the subway riders are doing on the trains. Are they reading books and magazines, or watching news clips on overhead video screens? When I lived in Boston I remember how frequently I would spot people reading The Economist on the MBTA, whereas in other cities, I spotted other magazines or books in peoples’ hands. I also love listening to the announcements even when I don’t understand the language. It’s a great way to pick up key words or at least learn how to say the name of your destination with the correct pronunciation.

Do you ride public transport when you travel or at home? And for some virtual wanderlust, some videos below with some of the ridiculous things people have done on the subways, metros, ubahns, skytrains and undergrounds around the world.

Laugh spontaneously!


Get naked!

Flash mob!



  1. Rob says:

    I loved the Kim Wilde 80s pop songstress London Underground journey video…

    • Adam says:

      OMG I’m in love! But why does she take off the antlers?! I love when she walks up to the camera and talks about joining in the singing. Slightly awkward but looks like fun.

      And I think the London Underground is one of the best places to spot musicians on the subway.

  2. Rob says:

    I love that in that video you are most concerned with the antlers! The musicians on the tube are wonderful – matched only by the poetry :-)

  3. Talon says:

    Absolutely love doing public transportation, especially during travel. It’s so much fun!

    One of the things I noted between Paris an Bangkok, is that in Paris people were often reading books, magazines, etc. In Bangkok, almost everyone has their nose buried in a phone or tablet device.

  4. Rease says:

    I LOVE public transportation and I miss it SO much. In Buenos Aires I was obsessed with the subway and buses. I hadn’t driven in nearly two years by the time I returned to the states. Recently, I went to San Francisco and was so excited to use the transit again. Within a day I had a couple other passengers ask me for directions and I was able to confidently give them :)

  5. Sam says:

    Absolutely! I love public transport too. I’d really like to do the No Pants Subway ride (nicely translated to British English as the No Underwear Tube ride) sometime, but I’ve always resisted doing it in London because it’s in the middle of winter!

  6. Terrie Exley says:

    Haha! Some of these are really great. A few of them reminded me of nights spent on the NYC system on the way home from work! Thanks for the laughs and a great blog!

  7. cynthia says:

    i totally agree with all of this! the little things on public transportation sometimes make my day. my favorite thing EVER that happened on the u-bahn was in hamburg, i was in a car with a small group of really drunk, big jolly germans got on. one in particular began laughing unintentionally JUST LIKE spongebob squarepants. i’m not the kind of person to just bust out laughing in an otherwise silent u-bahn car, but i couldn’t help it. i’ve never heard a real life spongebob laugh before in a most hilariously opportune time. soon the entire car was laughing and i was just in tears. best experience.

    later i found out that guy had bought a couple of my friends a round of drinks at a pub. (??)

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  9. Richard says:

    Yes. exactly….. Public Transport is an amazing experience for the people with all fun….

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