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Farewell, Hipsters: A Eulogy to the Trend That Lost Its Cool

Ah, the hipster. With our meticulously unkempt beards, thrift store fashion, and an insatiable desire to find obscure coffee shops, hipsters once ruled the cultural landscape. But has the reign of hipsterdom finally come to an end?

Are hipsters mere relics of a bygone era, beaten to death by the very people who birthed them? I’m afraid to admit that the hipster trend is done and dead, but the rise and fall of an important era is unforgettable. Hipster-ism was a subculture that didn’t die easily and whether you loved or hated the idea of hipsters, we can at least recognize what hipsters did (or didn’t do).

Are hipsters still a thing?

Do hipster still exist? Honestly, not really :(

It’s a shame, but as Gen Z has found it’s own style, the millennial hipster style is pretty much out. High-waisted pants and baggy clothes are the fashion Gen Z has adopted, usurping the days of skinny ties and skinny jeans.

Hipsters Kreuzberg

The Golden Age of Hipsters

Once upon a time, there was a glorious period when hipsters roamed the world, adorned in vintage flannel shirts and sporting non-prescription eyeglasses. This era, predominantly the late 2000s to the early 2010s, witnessed the hipster trend reaching its zenith.

We listened to the best indie bands, the coolest indie alt songs, and watched exclusively independent cinema. Our hipster neighborhoods were hotspots for seemingly edgy hipsters with funky hats, weird mismatched clothing, and ukuleles.

Indie music was our anthem, and we swayed to the beats of bands like Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, and The Shins.

Our carefully curated vinyl record collections were the envy of music aficionados everywhere. I went so far to publish a series of Hipster City Guides—at one point even turning down a book deal because I didn’t feel I could be the voice of traveling hipsters. We were simply too cool for ourselves, and balked at the idea of too much success.

The End of the Hipster

As with all trends, the hipster’s reign of coolness began to fade. The question remains: Who delivered the final blow? Did the new kids on the block, Gen Z, claim victory over their predecessors? Or was it the millennials, the very ones who nurtured and propagated the hipster culture, that destroyed what they created?

While the answer may be debatable, one thing is certain: the demise of the hipster was inevitable. They became victims of their own popularity.

Their quest for uniqueness led to a paradoxical uniformity, where everyone tried to stand out by blending in. The hipster style went mainstream, diluting its original appeal. Suddenly, everyone had a beard and an ironic T-shirt, and the aura of authenticity that once surrounded the hipster was lost amidst the sea of wannabes.

hipster fashion - skinny tie and horse mask on mannequins

The Death Rattle of Cool

As we examine the post-hipster landscape, it becomes apparent that their demise was marked by several unmistakable signs. First and foremost, the rise of the lumbersexual—a hybrid creature who retained the hipster’s love for plaid and facial hair but stripped away the irony.

Then, the dreaded normcore movement emerged, championing the art of dressing plain and purposefully unremarkable. The hipster, who had once prided themselves on standing out, found themselves swallowed by a sea of mundane mediocrity.

Just Not So Cool Anymore

Alas, the hipster, with their painstakingly cultivated nonchalance, has lost its cool factor. What was once unique and intriguing has become cliché and predictable. The world has moved on, seeking new trends and flavors that don’t involve waxing mustaches or sipping kale smoothies.

Yet, let us not forget the gifts the hipsters bestowed upon us during their time in the spotlight. Their love for all things artisanal reminded us of the joy in handcrafted products.

Their devotion to organic, fair-trade, locally sourced goods urged us to consider the impact of our consumption. And, of course, their discerning taste in music introduced us to indie bands that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

In the end, it’s safe to say that the hipster trend has met its untimely demise. Whether they were slain by Gen Z’s indifference or trampled by the weight of their own popularity, we may never know.

But let us raise our non-ironic glasses and bid a fond farewell to the hipster, for they were the cultural trendsetters of a peculiar time. May their flannels rest in peace, and their vinyl records