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How to Finally Afford the Trip of Your Dreams

It’s surprising how many people haven’t taken a dream vacation, sometimes. Then, we remember how difficult it can be to save up all that money. Saving money seems like it’s nearly impossible when you’ve got monthly bills. Even someone who’s over-leveraged could still save enough for a vacation, thankfully. Here are a few ways you can start saving for your dream trip.

Pay Yourself First

When you’re saving for a new trip, the most crucial thing is paying yourself first. That means putting some of your money into a separate savings account. Usually, we’d suggest opening a savings account somewhere other than your usual bank. Opening one with them wouldn’t make it difficult to access. You’re trying to put your money somewhere you’re not going to see it. By stashing it out of sight, you’ll stop thinking about it. Meanwhile, it’s still growing each time you get a paycheck. Get your employer to deposit a portion of each check into that account. Start by saving something like 15% of each check. That’s enough to make a difference at the end of the year.

Stop Wasting Money on Drugs and Alcohol

If you currently struggle with a substance abuse problem, chances are it’s costing you thousands of dollars each year. For the sake of your health and finances, consider treatment options available in your city or town. The professionals working at alcohol detox and drug rehab centers in Georgia and other states provide expertly-guided assistance for those trying to quit. In doing so, you not only save money, you take drastic action to save your own life in the process. Once free from expensive addiction to drugs and alcohol, travel arrangements become more financially practical. There’s money in your account to put towards that trip. What better way to celebrate sobriety than taking the trip of your dreams?

Reduce Your Food Expenses

The next most significant area of wasted expense would be your food budget. How often are you going out to eat each week? If you’re going more than once, you’re probably spending way too much. Even cooking at home can be expensive. Usually, we buy a lot at the grocery store without having a plan. Then, we end up throwing away a ton of what we bought. All that trash is something you spent money to buy. Start eating all your meals at home. And, make sure you go through everything you’ve got at home before grocery shopping. That’s how you’ll avoid wasting a ton of food.

Stop Buying Coffee on the Way to Work

One more thing you should start making at home is coffee. Many people stop and buy it on the way to work each morning. If you’re spending $5 each time, you’re spending over $150 each month. Using a coffee maker would be much less expensive. Usually, you can brew a cup at home for just a couple of cents. You might spend $10 over the course of a month. Compared to buying it, that’s 15 times less expensive.

Build Yourself a Side Hustle

Besides cutting expenses, you can also raise your income. Many jobs don’t seem to have the room to offer raises. But, you could always bring in more money by doing a side hustle. You can build one of them out of pretty much anything. Just start charging people for stuff you’re already doing. For example, you could launch a landscaping company. If you’re mowing the lawn every week, you’ve probably got all the equipment anyway. Use it to start making a little income on the side. Then, save all that money to put toward your next trip.

Minimize Your Utility Bills

Cut down the temperature by a few degrees during the winter. Setting your thermostat to 68 degrees would be the most efficient. By reducing your home’s temp, you’ll spend way less on heating bills. You could save up to 15% or more. During the summer, set the temperature a little higher. Try keeping it around 78 degrees for most of the summer.

Getting Ready for Your Dream Trip

Above all, you’ve got to have the motivation to make your dream trip possible. Without it, you’re not going to have the discipline to follow through on your plans. Start planning where you’d like to go as early as possible. The more concrete an idea is, the more it’ll feel real to you.