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Inside Berlin’s C/O photography gallery

One of my favorite photography galleries in Berlin is the C/O gallery. While they’ve hosted interesting photography exhibits in the past, one of my favorite reasons for visiting the photo gallery is the building itself.

The C/O gallery is currently housed in the old Royal Post Office (Postfuhramt) building. The building, on a prominent corner of Oranienstraße, dates from the 19th century and used to be the central headquarters for Berlin’s postal service. I don’t know much about the building except that it’s beautiful from the inside out…in the way most Berlin buildings are; it’s run down a bit, but that’s what gives the photo gallery its charm. Everything from bathroom sinks to basketball hoops can be found between the gallery halls.

C/O Gallery
Oranienburger Str 35/36
C/O on Facebook / Twitter

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  1. Nina says:

    This surely is my favourite place in Berlin! Especially because I’m a sucker for photography exhibitions, but also because of the charming building. Too bad the C/O has to move out of the Postfuhramt sooner or later cause an investor wants to build an hotel in there :(

  2. new era france says:

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  3. Cornel says:

    hi adam,

    I followed some of ur “articles”…and allow me to make some remarks:
    its nice that ur making some pics but its somehow shallow if ur adorning them just with superficial remarks like “…like most Berlin buildings are; it’s run down a bit” or..that u were writing that “most parks in berlin are not kept very well”.

    You know, being a Berliner…i could tell u that most hard working and taxpaying people like myself dont find it too amusing that very often visitors to Berlin just give a fuck about littering or doing some senseless and hilarious graffiti like this gang of danish sprayers who came to Berlin 2 or 3 years ago to “embellish” our city.

    Sometimes i could cry and scream..passing by some recently beautifully renovated old mansions…discovering that again some stupids nerds sprayed their nasty tags on the prevent “gentrification”.

    What concerns the “Postfuhramt” in the Oranienburger Straße: sometimes it helps to make an effort and learn some german…even “life is too short to learn german”. ;-)
    You could learn thru the website: that at least since 1973 several renovations had been carried out at the Postfuhramt..

    Its a shame but a simple matter of fact that this city NEEDS private investors because too much money of the city´s budget is spent for social welfare and in consequence there is hardly any money available for investments.

    I hope that ur “hipster”- view of the city didnt make u so blind u didnt realize that the unemployment rate in some problematic districts of the city is up to almost 40% (Neukoelln-Nord).
    I am sure you could add ur blog some substance and more value if you were adding some facts which are related to your pics!

    Best regards and…enjoy Berlin!

    • Adam says:

      Hi Cornel,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m not a fan of all the anti-gentrification things that happen around Berlin either. I completely agree that the city needs money to grow, but you’re right that much of the private investment doesn’t seem to go into the city. I’d really love to see Berlin “grow up” and develop.

      Thanks again for commenting. I try to include relevant research in articles but sometimes the posts end up just being pretty pictures (as in this one). Appreciate the reminder to keep me on my toes.

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