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Inside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Inside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Inside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

A view inside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. I spent over four months living in Tel Aviv, not far from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, actually. Like most things in Tel Aviv, it’s not the cheapest (TLV living expenses are on par with European prices), but the museum occasionally gets some good exhibits. It’s also one of the few museums in Israel where you can find the typical classical art you’d find in most countries’ national galleries.

When I was there in the summer of 2010 there was a great David Lachapelle exhibit, featuring his large-scale commercial art. The museum went under renovations in 2011. The expansion doubled the Tel Aviv museum’s exhibition space with an art education center & sculpture garden. The museum is located in a central area—between Rabin Square and the Azrieli Center. The Vital Hotel Tel Aviv is located around the corner from the museum, one of many boutique hotels in the design-friendly city.

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art contact info
Closed on Sundays
Adult ticket-price is 48 shekels (students 38 shekels)

PS – If you think the museum gift shop will have your typical designy souvenirs and the like, you’re wrong. You have to check out the design gift shop at Dizengoff Center (top floor, can’t miss it) for your Moleskine notebooks.

  1. joe says:

    i really recommend visiting this museum, its a new build and the architecture of the museum is really beautiful. The building’s three floors are linked to two more below grade by an 87-foot-high, top-lit atrium, a “lightfall” that will shine on the world’s largest collection of Israeli art.

    • Adam says:

      I remember being impressed with the architecture of the museum. The inside was actually quite nice!

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