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JFK Terminal 5’s Only Airport Lounge: The Be Relax Spa Experience with Priority Pass

If you’ve ever found yourself in the whirlwind that is JFK Airport’s Terminal 5 (Jet Blue’s primary terminal at the NYC airport), you know the airport hustle can be a bit overwhelming.

New York City has three main airports: JFK, LGA, and EWR (technically Newark is in New Jersey). And while JFK used to be the flagship airport for the city, to be quite honest, Laguardia is much cleaner, nicer, and organized these days.

So, on a recent trip with Jet Blue, I reluctantly found myself at JFK’s Terminal 5. While I normally fly out of their international terminal, Terminal 5 has much less airport amenities than the other airport terminals.

Thankfully, with my Priority Pass lounge membership (which I get through both my American Express Amex gold credit card as well as my Chase Sapphire credit card), I found one lounge option for my afternoon in the terminal.

Your only airport lounge option in Terminal 5? The Be Relax Spa. Spoiler alert: While my Priority Pass did grant me a temporary respite, the experience left a bit more to be desired.

A Single Sanctuary in a Sea of Sameness

Imagine this: You’re maneuvering through the organized chaos that is JFK’s Terminal 5, and suddenly, you spot an oasis of calm near Gate 24 – the Be Relax Spa. Being armed with my trusty Priority Pass, I was keen to discover the rejuvenation haven.

And with a 2-hour flight delay (thanks Jet Blue ugh), I had extra time to kill. The bright blue sign stands out, even though the Be Relax Spa is tucked away in front of Gate 7 behind most of the other airport restaurants and airport bars.

The Priority Pass Passport to “Relaxation”

As a seasoned Priority Pass holder, I’ve had my fair share of lounge experiences, so my expectations were cautiously optimistic. The attendant at Be Relax Spa scanned my Priority Pass card via the app, and I stepped into the semi-lounge—a refuge of sorts from the airport frenzy.

Unwinding in the 15-Minute Massage Chair

Ah, the massage chair – the centerpiece of the Be Relax Spa experience. I sank into the well-padded chair with measured anticipation, and while it did provide a momentary solace, the encounter was more underwhelming than awe-inspiring.

The 15-minute respite did offer some relief, but it felt more like a brief pause rather than a full-on escape. By the time I was relaxed, the massage was over.

Personally, I don’t know if I’ve ever used an automatic massage chair before besides those you’d find in old shopping malls. And while it had a heated seat option and the pressure of the massage mechanics was fine, it was a bit overwhelming.

And, like I said, the 15 minutes went by way too quickly. And that’s all the time you’re allotted with the Priority Pass lounge access.

More than Massages? Well, Sort Of

The Be Relax Spa did boast a menu of treatments, extending beyond the realm of massage chairs. Express nail polish and hand massages, a 10-minute soothing foot massage – they all sounded promising. Only wish there was a facial spa or something a bit more glam.

However, the reality fell a tad short of my expectations. While the treatments seemed adequate, they lacked the transformative touch I tend to expect from an airport lounge. The attendants at the Be Relax Spa were pleasant enough, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that the experience was just a touch lackluster.

The Final Verdict: A Hushed Disappointment

As I bid adieu to the Be Relax Spa, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of quiet resignation. While it was an experience worth having (especially with a flight delay), it left me yearning for more – more pampering, more rejuvenation, and more of that elusive airport oasis vibe.

I wish they’d at least provide a water or refreshment.

In an airport terminal where the Be Relax Spa stands as the sole lounge option, I can’t help but think that travelers deserve a touch more variety. Priority Pass did grant me access to a momentary sanctuary, but the overall encounter left me with a feeling of subdued contentment rather than effusive delight.

So, the next time you’re meandering through JFK Terminal 5, remember that while the Be Relax Spa might offer a temporary reprieve from the terminal tumult, it’s best to temper your expectations.

As the only airport lounge option in Terminal 5, it’s a decent option, but it might not be the luxurious escape you were hoping for.

Safe travels, fellow explorers, and may your airport escapades be both satisfying and serene.