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Finding the Best Men’s Underwear for At-Home Workouts

It’s important to find the best underwear for at-home exercises—whether it’s for yoga, stretching, or just an Instagram push-up challenge.

Since staying at home during the New York Pause, I’ve found the best way to avoid crippling anxiety has involved lots of to do lists and creating order for my day. I’ve been keeping daily journal entries, writing multiple to-do lists and shopping lists, and just generally doing my best to keep a routine. Any kind of routine.

Part of that daily at-home routine has been morning exercises. Back during the winter when I was heartbroken from a bad breakup and trying to find the best way to get revenge, I went on several shopping sprees—including one where I bought some basics for a home gym. Dumbbells, a jumprope, a yoga/exercise mat. Just the essentials so I could start working on my revenge body right away.

Between fighting off that post-breakup depression and a handful of work trips around the world, I didn’t really start with a home exercise plan until I moved into my new apartment. Then, with the quarantine and my life on pause, I suddenly found lots of time (and a moderate amount of motivation) to actually get moving.

Once I started with my daily exercises—just simple things—I started to learn more about my body. I’ve been taking vitamins (and CBD gummies), managing my weight with tracking apps, cooking healthier foods, and doing a lot of online reading about health, wellness, and beauty. It’s the only thing keeping my mood elevated right now. Healthy living!

At first, I was doing my morning exercises in the nude. Benefit of not having a roommate around at the moment! But I quickly realized that wasn’t actually ideal.

It’s important to have the right workout clothes for exercising. Even if exercising at home. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or gay gym bro to worry about workout clothes. Whatever you wear is going to have an effect—especially your underwear.

Look for these things when choosing the best underwear for exercise.

What to look for when buying underwear for at-home workouts & exercise

Choose underwear styles based on the type of exercise

There are so many cuts and styles to men’s underwear, from jocks, to briefs, to men’s lace underwear, to boxers. To avoid uncomfortable chafing during or after a workout, make sure you buy underwear that matches the workout. Choose an underwear style that works for your workout.

If you’re lucky to have a treadmill at home, you might do better with a boxer brief, maybe even one with a longer inseam. I’ve started jogging in place to the annoyance of my downstairs neighbors. If I’m doing yoga or stretches, I’m usually wearing a more form-fitting brief or jockstrap style.

The key is to look at both your body type and the specific workout, and choose an underwear that feels the most comfortable for that exercise.

Avoid cotton

Cotton underwear is infamous for causing sweat. Go with a more breathable style. I’ve been trying out Obviously Apparel underwear, and their MicroModal/Lycra blend is very breathable and moisture-wicking.

moisturewicking fabric does two things to help with comfort. First, the fabric works to quickly move sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and, second, it should be quick-drying.

The less sweat in your crotch, the longer you can work out comfortably.

Find the best anatomical fit

I love a good form-fitting pair of briefs. But not all briefs are made the same! And not all <insert male anatomy pun> are the same, either!

Every guy should know what briefs already are the most comfortable for their own anatomy, but for a workout—it’s even more important. You don’t need your balls bouncing around while in a downward dog pose—unless you enjoy naked yoga.

The pouches on men’s underwear vary from brand to brand, just as they do with each individual style. If your underwear doesn’t hold your goods in a comfortable position, it’s going to be hard to do that workout. It’s not any fun to keep having to adjust yourself, even if you’re alone at home.

Your underwear should be soft & flexible

You want underwear that moves with you, not the kind that resists your movements, especially when exercising. Cotton is usually too rigid and doesn’t really move with the body. Stretchy fabrics are best for at-home workouts so that there’s a little bit of flexibility when you’re contorting your body in different stretches and poses.

It’s important to find the best underwear for at-home exercises—whether it’s for yoga, stretching, or just an Instagram push-up challenge. Wearing something comfortable and clean for your daily workout routine will go a long way in helping you to keep the effort going.