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Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is one of this year’s Best Stocking Stuffers

The rise in popularity for hand sanitizer over the past year has been astronomical, to the point that we’re probably all feeling like our hands are dry and aged. Personally, I’ve found it extra important to use hand moisturizer this year, after sanitizing and the near-constant cleaning of my hands.

I’m sure, like me, you’re constantly sanitizing your hands like most people these days. Even before the pandemic, I used to travel with hand sanitizer when flying and it was always in my toiletries bag.

The Babington Soap Co. launched this year to try and solve the conundrum between dry, sanitized hands and healthy, moisturized ones. Their moisturizer hand sanitizer feels silky, leaves your hands soft, isn’t sticky, and smells wonderfully of lemongrass.

Never again will you have to choose between hydrated hands and/or sanitized hands. With this organic hand sanitizer, you get the best of both worlds! Keep your hands soft, hydrated, and sanitized with aa uniquely formulated 2-in-1 lotion that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

What sets this sanitizer soap apart is that it uses a wholly plant-based & pharmaceutical grade moisturizer called chitosan (pronounced “kite-o-san”). Almost all other sanitizers, whether cheap or premium products, contain aloe vera and/or glycerine as their moisturizers.

Repeated use of alcohol on the skin not only pulls moisture out from skin cells, but also weakens the protective barrier functionality that keeps moisture in. Chitosan provides its own barrier and so helps maintain moisture of the skin.

Babinton Soap Co.’s six natural ingredients hydrate your hands leaving them tender and soft, while the antibacterial alcohol-based hand sanitizer goes to work. The moisturizer, not used in any other hand sanitizers in the USA, forms a healing barrier that counteracts the harsh effects of alcohol.

It feels so different you would never guess it was a hand sanitizer!

Learn more about Babington Soap Co.’s moisturizing hand sanitizer on their website.