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Dear Travelers, Send Your Mom A Postcard This Mother’s Day

There are always distractions, sights to see, things to do, people to meet. It’s a delicate balance to take in the adventure of travel while staying connected with what’s back home.

But then when those special holidays roll around—there’s simply no excuse. You’ve got to send something home—something more than a message. And while a Facebook greeting might work in some instances, it’s usually not enough.

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Mother’s Day gifts are a timeless tradition. I don’t tell my Mom enough, but she means the world to me. In fact, as I already mentioned, my move back to the USA earlier this year was as much about shaking things up as it is one to be closer to my family. But being so far from home (still), it’s not like I can pop over to my parents’ house with a fruit basket or fresh flowers. So, rather than miss out on sending her something this year for Mother’s day, I’m determined to send her a card.

But not just any card.

Happy Mother's Day

Recently I wrote about my love of postcards, and my desire to SEND MORE POSTCARDS. Not to mention my recent passion for getting offline a bit more—for connecting to the real world in a different and more meaningful way. And with my recent partnership with the MyPostcard travel app, I’ve started this new tradition by simply sending more postcards. And almost exclusively: sending them to my mom.

My mom is a relatively well-traveled person (in fact, some of my family is off on a vacation to Austria later this week!). My family has always been traveling, and with our family frequently spread out across the world, we’ve all been lucky to visit faraway places. Growing up, our home was always full of photos from our family travels.

But, as social media has started to dominate our travel experiences, those photos from our most recent travel adventures have disappeared. They’re on our phones, in a shared Google Photos account, the occasional selfie in a family WhatsApp group…

So, with MyPostcard, I’ve started sending photo postcards and selfies to my parents—ones that are printed on actual paper and that she can actually, physically, put up on the refrigerator.

Postcards are pretty much the perfect souvenir: partly a gift for my mom or my grandma or my aunt, and partly a reminder to me when I would eventually get home and see it on the coffee table.

Postcards create a special bond between the sender and receiver: a portal between two worlds, two people, from that exact, brief moment in time. But also: they’re not ephemeral. We keep postcards; they hang on our refrigerators, sit on the kitchen table, and those really special ones: they stay keepsakes for years and years, passed down through the family.

As Mother’s Day approaches, don’t wait until the last minute to send something. Find that selfie you took together last Christmas, put it on a custom postcard using the MyPostcard app, and send to your mom! Smiles all around!

Check out some Mother’s Day greeting card and postcard designs here. Use code TRAVELSOFADAM at checkout for your first postcard free!

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Located in Germany? Download the MyPostcard app and send a card to the MyPostcard office using code Mutti18 for the chance to win a trip for two!

More details here.


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