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Send Postcards Online

I don’t know about you, but I don’t send postcards as often as I used to—and it’s a real shame! Because, for one, everyone loves receiving mail. And secondly: sending postcards is REALLY EASY.

Even easier, now, because there’s a great travel app called MyPostcard which allows you to send a postcard in about 4 steps under two minutes. And all for the affordable price of $1.99 (less than a coffee!).

The MyPostcard app is available on iOS and Android. It allows you to send postcards from anywhere in the world, to just about anywhere else and all for just $1.99.

On the app, you can choose from pre-designed cards (including my very own travel designs!) but hundreds of other artists, designers, and creators have uploaded a huge array of styles and designs. You can send greeting cards for every occasion and holiday, or create your own by syncing with your Instagram or uploading your photos to send out.

It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s fun. And the best part? You’re guaranteed to make someone smile!

View the Travels of Adam postcard designs here on the shop. And when you send one, use the discount code TRAVELSOFADAM at checkout for one free postcard!

Send Postcards Online - Travels of Adam -


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Send Postcards Online - Travels of Adam -

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Send Postcards Online - Travels of Adam -

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