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My video diary from Hamburg

A few weekends ago I visited Hamburg for the very first time—a city that I always thought I’d love. Turns out: I did. The city has a great sense of style and seems to be an excellent mix of contemporary bohemia and credibility. The city is cool, but not so cool that it overpowers everything else in town. Of course…this is just my impression after a single weekend.

I visited over a winter weekend so the skies were particularly grey. I think that probably comes across in the video above. But even despite the cold, cold weather, Hamburg still impressed me. I can’t wait to go back over the summer when the sun is out!

For my trip to Hamburg, Germany Tourism set me up with professional tour guide, Marc Müller, who showed me around Hamburg’s trendiest neighborhoods: St. Pauli, Schanzenviertel and St. Georg. Check out his tours here. Some of the highlights he pointed out make an appearance in my travel video above.

Have you been to Hamburg? Did you find it to be a photogenic city?

  1. Cathy Sweeney says:

    Cool video. I think Hamburg underrated by many. I was surprised by how I immediately fell in love with it on my first visit. Hard to put a finger on why, but on my second visit, I loved it even more.

    • Adam says:

      Great to hear Cathy! It’s a city I definitely plan to visit again and I think it’ll be completely different during the summer.

  2. Emily says:

    Didn’t I say you’d like Hamburg? New favorite place in Germany. I can’t wait to visit in summer!

    • Adam says:

      My new favorite place in Germany too! Can’t wait to REVISIT in the summer :)

      Thanks Emily!

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