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Planning an Impromptu Party on the Road

When you are on the road, you are bound to meet with some cool people that you feel instantly connected to. After hanging out with your new friends, you may decide to have an impromptu party. So how do you go about it to ensure that you all have a memorable time? Below is a list of how to achieve the best possible party without much planning.

1. Invitations

Seeing that this is a last-minute party, printing out invitations is not a viable option. Your best bet is to send online invites that quickly and efficiently get the job done. You could also add all the people invited to the party on a group text chain; that way, you can easily address everyone at a go and answer any questions raised. When you are on the road, you will meet different people, and the group text will help them get acquainted with each other before the party. Meeting on the online group first will make your guests feel less awkward when they meet in person later on. Ensure that the e-vite clearly states the time and location of the party. You should also make people aware of what type of gathering you are having and who is not suitable to be at the party, for example, children and pets.

2. Venue

Parties never get the exact number of people you invite, and there are always a few other additions. You will need to liaise with those who are more versed with the area you are in to find the best venue at short notice. The space should be enough to accommodate a few extra people but not too big that people wander off rather than socialize. Ensure that the venue you choose is conducive to a party to avoid any noise complaints and a shutdown.

3. Foods and Drinks

When organizing a gathering for different people, it is always wise to ask about any food and drink allergies that they may have. The last thing you want at a party is a case of food poisoning or allergic reactions. The frozen aisle will have the best and cheapest meal options that require little time to prepare and serve. Sandwiches are both filling and easy to make, and paired with chips, and other light snacks will keep your guests fed during the whole party. Instead of having multiple drinks at the party, you could discuss with your guests and develop a signature cocktail that everyone will love. Some easy-to-make refreshments like rum popsicles and jello shots are great for impromptu parties. Keeping the food and drinks menu simple is essential when pressed for time. It helps to have appropriate utensils and cutlery like disposable cups, plates, and napkins. The last thing you want is to clean up many plates and cups the next day.

4. Activities

Other than the food and drinks, most guests will remember a party based on the activities and how much fun they had doing them. The biggest pointer here is to ensure that the activities are age-appropriate. You can have board and card games for adults, video games for young adults, and play areas if your party will include kids. The takeaway is to ensure that the activities are easy and fun. Music is a defining factor, and choosing a cool playlist is essential. Making a playlist beforehand will help create a great ambiance and set the tone and mood of the party.

5. Budget and Planning

Hosting an unforgettable party on short notice may expose you to spending more than is necessary. The best way is to write down the budget quickly you’re working with and all the party essentials you will need. Anything that will cost you money should be on this list, including decorations and party favors. Sticking to your plan and budget will ensure that you don’t have to make emergency trips for food or drinks.

Being on the road  is a great way to interact and appreciate people from all walks of life (just think of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road book). There is no better way to commemorate your time with people you meet than having a party. With a few of the pointers listed above, you can execute an impromptu party that your guests will remember for years to come.