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Respect Gaymes – LGBT sports event in Berlin

Respect Gaymes 2012 (Berlin)

Respect Gaymes flyerThis month’s topic for the expat-bloggers-in-germany roundtable (stammtisch) is football. I’m not sporty myself and don’t honestly know much about Berlin’s football (soccer) team. But I am gay! And luckily, Berlin, in its usual quirky ways, presented the opportunity to combine my need to write about football with my interest in dudes!

Enter the Respect Gaymes event a few weeks ago on June 2. This annual event (2012 was the seventh) is held by the Lesbian and Gay Association of Berlin-Brandenburg. Respect Gaymes is free and the sport & cultural event’s purpose is to “show respect for gays and lesbians” with an obvious emphasis on respect in sports. The 2012 event had hundreds of participants across 60 football teams. Allegedly there was a beach volleyball tournament, but I never found it while there.

The all-day event also featured live entertainment such as break-dancing, beat boxing, hip-hop and a handful of bands. I just caught a little bit of the break-dancing and some of the football games.

Thanks to Alex for most of these photos. Be sure to check out the other Blogger Stammtisch posts in the links below. And for other gay travel tips, check out my other site: My Gay Travels.


  1. Sabrina says:

    I had no idea they had this event in Berlin. Very neat!

  2. Andrew says:

    Respect is always a good thing. Not exactly sure why or what for, but there is some Respect campaign during the Euro too. Several ads on the back wall and the cuffs some of the players wear have the word.

  3. Ali says:

    Sounds like a good event! And after watching a few games of soccer, I can assure you that you can also indulge your interest in dudes by watching some of them run around in the Euro2012 games!

  4. bestseofirm2 says:

    I too had no idea about this event but i had heard similar kind of event in St.Lucia “”.Respect gaymes seems to be an intresting event and i think it’s a relly good initiative ..Best of luck!

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