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Road tripping in England: a visit to Stonehenge

Looking back on my travels, one of the first trips abroad I can remember was a 10-day visit to England. We went as a family and spent the bulk of the trip in London, but we also hired a car in London and drove through the English countryside—visiting cities like Bath, Stratford and, of course, Stonehenge. It was our first big family vacation…and my first time in Europe. I loved it!


The trip stands out most in my memory because we had rented a car for the road trip through England. It was my first time riding on the “other side” of the road, least of all my first time in Europe. My love of Europe most likely blossomed during this trip. We did it all from visiting the London theater, to eating ethnic foods and visiting museums.

But the most memorable part of the trip through England was, without a doubt, the road trip. Because my mom has seemingly always been terrified of being a passenger in the front of the car, I got to play the Navigator during the road trip. It meant I had a front-seat view of the “other side of the road.”

Thankfully there was little pressure as Navigator because I was only 15 at the time…and no one really cared much about a schedule. One of the best parts of the road trip from London was simply getting out of the big city. We must’ve spent hours—HOURS!—trying to get out of London. It was a fun ride through the city, though, with both my sisters and my mom in the backseat, me and my dad in the front—all of us lost and confused! Eventually we made it out of London and into the English countryside.

Probably the most popular day trip destination from London is Stonehenge. We made a visit to the touristic site, but going in our own car allowed for us to explore more of the area. I remember being fascinated with Stonehenge as a kid (thanks to my dad spending so much time talking about it), so the visit there was an important one. I ended up with a silly souvenir and a handful of photos (non-digital…this was the early 2000s!) and a great memory of our road trip. From Stonehenge, we visited lots of other English cities. Even if our visit to Stonehenge was the shortest destination during the road trip, it was still the most memorable.

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