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New Life Motto: See More, Do More, Share Less (but also, a little bit more)

Adam Groffman - See More, Do More, Share Less

It’s been a weird year and we’re still less than a quarter of the way through. But with everything that’s been going on, I’ve also used this time to do a lot of self-reflection (which if you remember, I was already starting to do back at the end of last year). That was a big part of my 5-week trip through India—the time to explore new places, but also the chance to explore my own thoughts and ideas, and see if I couldn’t come up with a fresh plan for the future.

And with that energy and time I spent dedicated to self-reflection, I finally found my new year’s resolution. (Sorry, I tend to overthink and, yes, it took me months to figure it out). This year is all about seeing more and doing more. But also: sharing less.

Let me explain…


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There are so many exciting and interesting things still to see and to do around the world, or even in our own backyards. We often get comfortable in our familiar settings, and that’s a big part why I’ve decided to S H A K E  T H I N G S  U P. Change is scary, but change is exciting. I’ve decided to simply do more and see more in my everyday world. To get up and get out.

And while those are important steps, I’ve also committed to simply share less. To take these new experiences abroad and at home (my new home) and keep them a bit for myself. And rather than sharing every detail from my life (usually via Twitter), I’m only sharing the highlights and those quirky stories that stand out.

But—and this is important—when I do want to share something, I’m going full on. I want to deep dive into my experiences, understand and think about them to the point that there’s a greater meaning, a better understanding there. And I’m sharing these stories in new ways.

Adam Groffman - MyPostcard

I’ve already written a lot about using social media for authentic connections, but I’ve started taking things offline, too. In Berlin, that manifested itself in the “make friends” networking group with my blog buddy Cheryl. But now I’m going global (well, sort of) and I’ve committed myself to sending more postcards.

Everyone loves to receive something in the mail, and postcards are the perfect connection between home and abroad, between one place and another. For me, sending postcards to friends and family and my social followers—it just feels so cool to connect with people all over the world, whether they’re in Indonesia, India, America, or the UK. It’s cool to create all these lines between from where I happen to be and where others just happen to be. It’s a real connection and a chance to share those special stories in more meaningful ways.

Travel is this truly incredible experience. When you go away and go on an adventure, there are a million new opportunities that open up as soon as you step out the door. Every opportunity with a million different stories, a hundred different views. Travel can be very personal, but I also think it’s very social.

Naturally, we all want to share our travels, our adventures. For many years, I shared my travels publicly on social media. And I won’t stop completely, but I’m also committed to sharing more in more unique ways—namely via postcards.

Travels of Adam postcards

• • •

I’ve teamed up with—an app for sending postcards online (from anywhere, to anywhere) and am now regularly sending postcards to my friends and family, and also occasionally to those that shout out on social media that they want one, too.

My new goal to share less isn’t just about taking the time to self-reflect. It’s about forging more meaningful connections and using social media in a better, more productive, and (hopefully) more interesting way.

Check out my interview feature with the MyPostcard team for more about my new “see more, do more, share less” philosophy. And if you’re looking for a new old-school way to share your travel stories, check out my custom travel-themed postcard designs here.

  1. Great and inspiring .. keep posting beautiful collections. Thank you so much for sharing a great post and experience!

  2. Wow this is so inspiring. Your post motivated me to do something in life.

  3. Your blogs are so motivating! Keep doing great work.

  4. Nice and inspiring thoughts! This is really useful article and motivated also. Thank you!

  5. What an awesome post! It really great article and well said. Your post are so motivating!
    Keep doing great work..

  6. Thank you for sharing a very useful experience for all of us, I wait for the next adventure.

  7. Congratulations on your move to NYC, Adam. Wish you the best!

  8. April Hope says:

    What a great reminder to keep in contact with old (and new) friends through postcards! I always loved getting postcards and letters from friends when I was growing up. The pictures inspired me, and let me know that maybe my dream of traveling around the world one day would become a reality, too. Thank you for such a beautiful post!

  9. April Hope says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder to connect with people through postcards! I used to love receiving postcards from people when I was growing up. The pictures would inspire me, letting me know that maybe one day my dreams of traveling around the world might become a reality, too. Thank you!

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