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Tel Aviv’s Most Hedonistic Party: Gay Pride

You know how sometimes your perception of a city can be skewed by your own experiences? Sometimes it’s difficult to see past your own prejudice. But this week in Tel Aviv, I can’t help but feel that just about everyone here is gay. Walking around the city, many businesses have put up pride flags and it just seems everyone here is so so gay. Or, at the very least, sexy.

As part of my #tlv4fun summer trip, I went to several of the gay pride events this weekend. From an outdoor street party at the trendy gay bar, Shpagat, to the festival at Gan Meir park, the pride parade and the subsequent beach party. Surrounding myself with gay events (and with an estimated 100,000 people attending the gay pride events on Friday) it just seems natural to assume that the vast majority of people in central Tel Aviv this weekend were gay. And what a wonderful world it was!

My first gay pride in Tel Aviv, I’ve got a few observations. First of all, the people are way beyond sexy. It’s not all Israelis who attend the TLV Pride, but there are plenty of people from all over the world who seem to make a pilgrimage to one of the most hedonistic cities in the Middle East (maybe the world). I met guys and girls traveling from as far away as Argentina, but plenty came from America and Europe as well. I’m slowly going through the thousands of photos I took, but I’ve put together this short video from the beach party to give you a sense of what the crowd was like.

Photos from Tel Aviv Pride 2013

gay beach party

Beach party at Gordon Beach during Tel Aviv Pride

gay tel aviv

Having fun at the beach party

tel aviv pride

Pride parade

At Gan Meir during Pride

At Gan Meir during Pride

Andrew Christian

Some guys sporting Andrew Christian underwear

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  1. Ben says:

    Looks awesome~

  2. Sam says:

    Wow! Those are some hot guys! Gotta get me to Tel Aviv, apparently.

  3. David @ That Gay Backpacker says:

    I love it, I love it, I love it. Wish I was there.

  4. Gabi Klaf says:

    Clearly, my side loses. I see all of this hot guys, all of these young shining faces, all of this life energy of pure joy shooting out of these guys, and i think ,”damn those gay guys are lucky. We girls missed out on some fine partners.” but then I’m really really happy for they can express who they are, and be proud, and be young and gorgeous and exactly who they are, with love. Thank you for bringing me home Adam. we miss israel and know that every year, we’ll be sure to go participate in the gay pride festivities when we’re back. is it cool for kids or too rowdy? hugs, gabi

    • Adam says:

      Hey Gabi,
      Thanks for your kind and sweet comment! Glad to have brought you back a bit to your home!

      Tel Aviv Pride is a lot of fun, but it’s definitely kid-friendly. The event starts at Gan Meir where there are public speeches (one of the keynotes this year was from the US ambassador) and singing & dancing…plus shopping. The parade was full of kids and people just hanging out on the streets and then it all ends at Gordon Beach where there was a stage and some DJs, but plenty of people just hanging out on the sand and near the water. It seemed like every other day on the beach, really, except for the fact that there were so many hot guys dancing!

  5. No video of the guys changing underwear yet? *wink wink*

    • Adam says:

      Yes yes I know you’re right! There won’t be a video, unfortunately – but I’ve got HUNDREDS of photos :-)

  6. Hey Adam…

    Seems that you really had a great time in Tel-Avivduring the TLV Pride. Hope to visit Tel-Aviv very soon to discover the city. Love the post.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for your comment Vlad – glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve got a few more ones still to publish about Tel Aviv pride – with even more photos, so stay tuned!

  7. Tom @ Waegook Tom says:

    Ahh, Tel Aviv Pride! Not something I’ll be attending just yet – I want to visit Lebanon first – but ooh, look at all that eye candy. I remember you posting the pics on FB and me just drooling. Israeli men are hotties.

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