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The transformative effect of a fresh, new look (and a great haircut)

I arrived at the Art+Autonomy salon a few minutes before my scheduled hair appointment. In Soho, a black-framed glass door led to a stairwell, up one floor and a warm welcome at the front desk. Slipping on an oversized robe, I took my seat at the salon chair. An offer for a drink (beer, wine, coffee, tea) and I was ready for my consultation and a new hair style.

There’s a special joy from a new hair style—the chance to reinvent yourself and feel a bit different. I’ve been off-and-on dyeing my hair since high school (when I’d change my hair every three months), but as an adult, I’ve been a bit more restrained with my hair. And even in the past few years, I’ve barely done anything (except a short stint with blue hair). Uprooting my life and moving to NYC, I’ve been itching for a fresh look.

My first interaction with my new stylist was, of course, through Instagram. When we finally met in person at the Art+Autonomy salon, we had a short conversation about ourselves—about our lives and our interests, a little background on ourselves so we could really get to know each other. With that short consultation, Addam helped me decide on a fresh new look (even if I already knew I wanted to go silver). For the rest: I just trusted him.

art autonomy soho salon nyc

• • •

Life in New York City is everything everyone said it’d be. It’s loud, crazy, hectic, crowded, and no one ever seems to stop moving. I’ve slipped into that lifestyle pretty comfortably; I kind of love the hustle. But then there’s something really special about taking those brief moments in the city to slow down. The chance to breathe.

That feeling of walking into a Soho hair salon for an hour or two is refreshingly comfortable. The brief bit of pampering, the fleeting conversations, the constant buzz of clippers and scissors, hair-dryers and running faucets. The time when you simply can’t be using your phone. It’s a place where so many transformations take place; there’s so much potential at the salon.

art autonomy soho salon nyc

• • •

My stylist, Addam, said something that resonated with me while he was messing with my hair. “Hair is our best accessory,” he said. It’s our way of presenting ourselves, our chance to stand out, or simply to express our being. We can do so many different things with our hair, with our style, and—for me, at least—the opportunity to change it up every few months is pretty exhilarating.

How we wear our hair can make us feel good, it can make us sparkle, feel more confident. A fresh look can help us take on new challenges.

That feeling you get after a fresh cut and style is almost exhilarating. You feel so powerful, so confident. There aren’t many other things that make us feel that way with such immediate effect.

art autonomy soho salon nyc art autonomy soho salon nyc

• • •

Inevitably, we all end up taking a selfie after a haircut at the salon. You just can’t help but share a good look! That positive sensation lingers—we carry it with us in the days following a fresh cut.

I always end up feeling more confident after leaving the salon. I don’t pamper myself with a lot of things, but when I do, it always helps to freshen up my life. We’ve all heard the buzz around the importance of self-care. That means something different for each of us, but for me: it’s spoiling myself with a new look. Not just because it feels good to treat yourself, but because with the right type of treatment, you simply come away feeling re-energized. In this chaotic city, this chaotic world, the need for new energy is palpable.

A good haircut just makes you feel great. That feeling that you can achieve anything; it seeps through your very existence. And it makes you feel good about so much more than your look or your style; it affects the choices you make, the things you do. A fresh haircut—a new look—it can transform you!

I know with my new look, I’ve been more confident—kind of a necessity to survive in this city. And the effect has been pretty great (the compliments help, too).

new look new style feeling good

• • •

Visit the Art+Autonomy salon in New York City’s Soho for that new look. Contact them through their website or reach out to my hair stylist @addamARTIST for more information. Check their website for current rates:


Note: I received my cut & style at Art+Autonomy complimentary for the purposes of this article.