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Tel Aviv Dizengoff Fountain

Part of my not-so-regular, recurring travel photo series… this time last year I was preparing for a trip to Tel Aviv for gay pride so I thought it fitting to share photos of one of my favorite places in Tel Aviv: Dizengoff Square.

I used to live a few short blocks away from Dizengoff Square so found myself spending a lot of time there during my summer living in Israel. The square is near a lot of the activity in this part of Tel Aviv, steps from the city’s Bauhaus Center off Frishman Avenue. Also in the area is a weekly flea market and Tel Aviv’s best gay club, Dreck, so it’s just generally a cool place to be.

At the center of Dizengoff Square is the colorful Fire and Water Fountain by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, dedicated in 1986. Like much of Tel Aviv, this isn’t a strictly beautiful square, but the Fire and Water Fountain certainly adds an extra element to brighten up the neighborhood. Tel Aviv, the “White City,” always looks a bit rough around the edges to me, but I suppose that’s also a part of its appeal. At Dizengoff Square, though, with this strange fountain and the constant coming and going of people, Tel Aviv feels very…Tel Aviv…here. It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something about this square that feels at once Middle Eastern but also European. That’s Tel Aviv for you — always trying to bridge the two.

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Tel Aviv Dizengoff Fountain

Tel Aviv Dizengoff Fountain

Have you stumbled on any unusually beautiful public squares? Share below!

  1. gina says:

    very cool pics!

  2. Ryan says:

    That is a pretty badass fountain my friend, cheers for sharing!

    • Adam says:

      Haha, thanks Ryan. It’s probably the most colorful part of Tel Aviv. I’m afraid, though, these photos might make it seem more glamorous than it is. Like a lot of things in Israel (and the Middle East in general), things only work when they want to… Still it can be quite an impressive fountain when it’s freshly painted :)

  3. Robert Bruce says:

    What are the attitudes and opinions of the Israeli people regarding LGBT people and rights? Is Tel Aviv the only “friendly” city in the country? I love your pictures and blog posts.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Robert,

      Tel Aviv is probably one of the most gay-friendliest cities in most of the Middle East. Gay and lesbian Israelis don’t necessarily have full rights and benefits, but they do have quite a few – and Tel Aviv is certainly a gay-friendly city. TLV and Jerusalem both have relatively vibrant gay scenes (with more than a few bars) and those are the country’s two largest cities anyways.

      And thanks for the kind words about my blog, Robert!

  4. great place i never seen these kind of pictures.

  5. Drew | The Hungry Partier says:

    I love Tel Aviv! I’ve been there twice, and I can’t wait to get back. Great pics also :)

    Let me know if you find yourself in Korea anytime soon!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Drew – I’ve been to Tel Aviv more times than I can probably count – it’s such an amazing city!

  6. rebecca says:

    that is one very funky fountain!

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