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Wellness Energy Drink Brand Pairs CBD with Other Minerals & Vitamins

With 1 in 4 Americans reluctant to return to reopened gyms, many Americans have turned to at-home workout equipment. This buying surge signals a demand for sports recovery products that help re-energize and sustain one’s socially distanced workout plan.

Two-time Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Famer Terrell Davis wants Americans to stay committed to their health goals this holiday season. His wellness company, DEFY is a line of groundbreaking performance drinks, backed by science and purpose-built with electrolytes, B vitamins, hydrating coconut water and performance grade hemp extract.

Perfect for everything from adding laser workout focus to decreasing muscle soreness, DEFY is the first athletic performance product designed with patented technology to capture CBD’s benefits (without the THC) and paired with essential vitamins and minerals. Formulated to revitalize you even after the most challenging workouts, DEFY is an ideal gift for everyone from newbie exercisers to devoted gym-goers.

Redefine your focus and recovery with six bottles of zero-sugar-added CBD performance drinks in three delicious flavors. Defy the everyday with these benefits:

  • ZERO added sugar
  • 20 Calories per bottle
  • 20mg of performance-spectrum CBD extract
  • Includes Hemp with minor cannabinoids CBG, CBC and CBN
  • 0% THC
  • 10% coconut water for enhanced hydration
  • Vitamins, potassium, and electrolytes
  • Natural flavors and sweeteners
  • No artificially sourced colors
  • Vegan / gluten-free / dairy-free / soy-free
  • 16-ounce bottles

DEFY’s CBD performance drinks are designed to help you DEFY your limitations™. Utilizing patented technology to achieve optimal absorption and increased bioavailability, DEFY’s recovery-enhancing performance spectrum hemp extract is exclusively sourced from crops grown using organic practices on licensed U.S. farms, traceable seed to sale, and always full-panel tested by accredited third-party labs. 

DEFY performance drinks are great for the active social lifestyle, even if you’re stuck continuing with at-home workouts.