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Essential Travel Items You Should Pack on Every Trip

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you are going on, there are some essential items that you should always pack with you. Whether you’re taking a road trip or flying abroad, there are a few things that you simply can’t forget when you’re leaving. Are you a rugged traveler or a leisurely vacation person?

Whatever your style, everyone needs certain things when they are away from home. Below are some essential travel items that you should pack with you on every trip.

The Travel Basics: Essential Items You Need to Always Pack

1. Power Bank

One thing that will nearly always come in handy when you’re gone is a power bank. With a power bank, you will be able to charge your phones and other devices while you’re out. Even if you fully charge your phone, you might run out on a long day of travel.

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You might not be able to find a wall outlet and if you’re abroad you might need to bring your adapter with you wherever you go. Even if you’re just taking a vacation in Hawaii or in the Caribbean, having a power bank nearby will help you keep your devices charged and lower the stress that comes with being in a foreign place with no internet connection.

2. Underwear

Underwear could be the one thing you simply can’t pack too much of. Of course, you should make sure to roll it and pack it properly, but the odds are you will want to have more than enough underwear on hand. Some people like to bring two pairs for every day that you are gone.

Furthermore, you should invest in some high-quality underwear to see to it that you are comfortable and protected. There is even mens pouch underwear that separates the genitals from the rest of the body, always keeping the guy comfortable and dry. I love that kind of gay underwear because it really accentuates the body in a positive way.

Whoever you are and whatever trip you’re taking, bringing enough good underwear (and sometimes sexy underwear) is always a game changer.  

3. A Book

While you always want to limit the number of items you bring with you on a trip, a book is worth bringing. Some people make the mistake of bringing more than one book. Bring a decently dense book or something you can really think about—maybe a book by a queer author.

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A book about the place, a book of poetry, or a decently long novel will keep you entertained when you’re waiting for a plane or are riding on a train. You might not always have Wi-Fi and roaming charges can add up quickly. Whether you’re traveling for business or are going to sit on the beach, a book will come in handy whenever you’re gone.

4. Light Clothing Layers

Clothing is something to be careful about when you are packing. It’s so easy to bring too many clothes, but you also need to bring a variety of options with you. You should bring light items of clothing that you can layer. Bring light shirts, maybe a flannel, and a single jacket that won’t take up a lot of space. Pack a few undershirts and some light pants.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going, it’s better to add a layer of clothing than to be too hot in a single shirt.

What to Pack

5. Good Shoes

Finally, perhaps the most pivotal item for travel is footwear. A good pair of shoes could end up being the difference between a fun trip and a very sore uncomfortable one. Shoes support your entire body. When you’re traveling, you’ll end up walking a lot.

You might go on a hike, take a long walk through the city, or a trek from the train station to the hotel. You need shoes that protect your protect your feet and provide support for your back and the rest of your body.

Whether you’re taking a hard trip backpacking around South America or are going to Miami for some real leisure time, these essential items will help you on any trip. Traveling can be tough sometimes. You want to make it easier on yourself when you can.

Instead of cutting corners on the essential things that you need to have a successful trip, you should do everything you can to pack light but bring what you need. If you can strike this balance, you will make your whole trip easier and more enjoyable.