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Summer Packing Tips: What to Bring on your Summer Getaway

Summertime is often the best time of year to travel. We’ve all got more time, more energy, and the weather just can’t be beat! Summer Fridays from work make it easy to take those quick weekend getaways, whether it’s a road trip to the beach, or just somewhere out of the city.

With all the sweat and sun, filling up your carry-on bag for a summer weekend getaway is never easy. Carry-on liquid limits (100ml ugh) are frustrating for those of us with sunscreen needs, but there are plenty of things still worth packing for your summer trips.

What to pack for summer travel

5 Things to Pack for Summer Travel


Yep, sunglasses are the first thing you need for summer travel. They’re also the thing I break the most so I always have a few pairs in my bag. I’ve started keeping a sunglasses carry-case with me as well because it protects the frames.

sunglasses summer packing list

Where to buy: I’ve got a pretty wide-ranging collection of sunglasses, from ones I’ve gotten free at various pride events, to cheap ones I’ve picked up at pharmacies and convenience stores. Recently, I was gifted a pair of designer sunglasses from

Personally, I love a simple frame from a brand like Ralph Lauren or Ray Ban.

cologne fragrance summer


Summertime usually means heat, and with the hot temperatures (and the increasing amount of heat waves), that’s going to mean sweat. Having a good deodorant is helpful, but it’s also smart to pack a fresh fragrance or cologne for your summer trips.

A quick spritz before heading out for the evening is an easy way to mask your smell, or accentuate an outfit easily.

Where to buy: I’ve got so many fragrances at this point, I really love to mix it up. The new gender-neutral brand of fragrances from KIERIN NYC are especially delightful as their series includes scents that can be used for a variety of purposes.

For Pride Month, Kenneth Cole also released a series of men’s fragrances which can also be adapted depending upon personal taste (or smell). I also really love the Versace Eros scent.

kiehl moisturizer


Yes, always pack sunscreen. But don’t forget the moisturizer also! The summer sun (and heat) can be especially difficult on sensitive skin. Just like it’s important to stay hydrated with water out in the heat, it’s important to make sure your skin stays hydrated as well.

Where to buy: I’ve been using a few different moisturizers. And I always keep an extra one in my carry-on bag so I make sure to never forget it when traveling! Last month, beauty brand Kiehl’s launched an Age Defender Gel Moisturizer—a lightweight, firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment for men. It’s really comfortable to use.

I’ve also been using a purifying face cream Good Science Beauty which feels especially refreshing on the skin. It uses Good Silicon+ technology which makes sure the ingredients get where they need to be.

Postcards India - Travels of Adam


What’s a travel blog if you don’t have a way to share it?! Anyone who follows my story knows that I love a good postcard, and sending them is such a fun and easy way to connect with those that you love. (Or I guess you could probably also send them to those that you don’t love.)

Where to buy: Even though we live in an increasingly paperless world, postcards are still available just about everywhere. Luxury hotels tend to leave them in their rooms for guests to use at their will, sometimes restaurants even keep them available, or you’ll find postcard ads in the back of bars and on sticky countertops.

But if you don’t feel like hunting one down and you want to use your own photos to send a real-world piece of mail, the app is easy and cheap.

You can send postcards for as little as $1.99 to anywhere in the world!

guidomaggi shoes

Good shoes

Traveling for the summer is all about packing light, but you’ve still got to make sure you’ve got some summer style! Whether you’re marching in a pride parade or hanging out at the beach, a good pair of shoes is going to make or break the trip.

I don’t buy shoes as often as I probably should, but I always make sure I’ve got a classy pair of dress shoes, a top-quality pair of flip-flops (for the beach only), and a few pairs of cool sneakers in my closet.

summer brooklyn

Where to buy: I’m a sucker for all the typical sneaker brands like Adidas, Converse, and VANS, but ever since I discovered Italian shoemaker Guidomaggi, I’ve always had a pair of shoes from them in my packed bag.

Handmade in Italy, they’re all luxury height-increasing shoes anywhere from 2″ inches to 6″ platforms. I love the way the shoes make me feel with the added height and the Italian style just really pumps it up. I’ve got a pair of their sneakers I always love wearing out to the clubs.

Packing for a summer trip isn’t always easy, but I always bring with me these essentials. What else do you make sure to carry with you?

summer colour fashion
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