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  1. Hana
    21 July 2014

    Oh p.s. Catch the London bridge when it’s going up :) amazing. And a boat Trip on T

  2. Hana
    21 July 2014

    The dungeon ;). .. Seen all that, disappointed in Tate modern, have fun x

    • Adam
      21 July 2014

      Disappointed in the Tate Modern?! That just can’t be! It’s one of my favorite museums in the whole world!

  3. Shannon
    11 July 2014

    I’m heading to London in Aug. We only have two days in the city. What is your “must do’s?” Do you recommend a bus tour? Just trying to get the most of my time. I can’t wait!!

    • Adam
      21 July 2014

      Two days isn’t much time. If you’re after museums, check out the major museums in South Kensington. I don’t typically like bus tours, but London is huge and if you want to quickly catch the sights, it’s probably got a decent chance of giving you a good overview.

  4. Di
    6 July 2014

    The London Eye is a ‘must’

  5. Cynthia
    20 April 2014

    Thanks for the information – in planning stages of a trip right now. I couldn’t imagine the logistics involved if there wasn’t the internet!

  6. James
    3 March 2014

    Really I enjoyed when I was first time in London. I will definitely visit these above mentioned places in my next London trip with my family. Thank you for sharing this post with us here.

  7. Dmitriy
    1 March 2014

    I’ve lived in London for 10 years now and my personal favourite (especially in summer) is to take a nice long walk in the South Bank from Tower Bridge along the river to Waterloo and see the amazing Tower Bridge, take a rest on one of the benches near Tate Modern and then continue to Waterloo where you’ll see a lot of street performers and artists.

    • Adam
      21 July 2014

      I love that walk, too, Dmitriy – such a beautiful and lively part of London

  8. kavin
    28 February 2014

    I really enjoy your post and all attraction that you mention in your blog is really awesome. Well London can be pretty expensive at times and it’d be impossible for me to determine a budget without knowing what types of sightseeing you plan to do. Due to that I preferred multi day bus tours for comfortable and inseparable journey. It is best for family trip also.

  9. songkran
    19 February 2014

    Very interesting to read. I’m Thinking of visiting England and i wonder how expensive would it be for a week with budget accommodation. Since I earn in Thai Bahts I would love to get any suggestions on planning the trip. Thanks

    • Adam
      19 February 2014

      Hey there, London can be pretty expensive at times and it’d be impossible for me to determine a budget without knowing what types of sightseeing you plan to do. I’ve got some budget tips for visiting London on the cheap here.

  10. Deepak Khanal
    18 February 2014

    Nice List!
    My next target is too visit London. Hope to get there all.

    • Adam
      19 February 2014

      London makes for a great holiday or city break. Enjoy it!

  11. Ian
    22 January 2014

    I will visit Borough Market when I go there! Thanks for the tips!

  12. Gale Kimbrell
    30 December 2013

    Wow! really very nice!Its always very refreshing for me to visit London to meet my brother! I really like the architecture of London!

  13. Marta
    10 December 2013

    London is great, true!
    That’s why I’ve moved here :D

  14. Jack
    27 October 2013

    They are so beautiful I will also want to travel there.

  15. Andy
    16 October 2013

    Seems like there are a whole lot of bridges in London, maybe that is where the old song comes from. That market looks pretty cool. It is hard to beat a good fresh market. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Jay
    12 October 2013

    Wow! that was a compiling one. as a 4yr Londoner myself, still i haven’t got any chance to scroll some great places around within my zone. one is the Tate Moderm. Im more of Architectural Arts but hoping to drop by this art place soon. Well done Adam! love your blog.. im your new fan! :)

  17. World Traveller
    3 October 2013

    All of the attractions mentioned in this article are within easy walking distance of each other – The City of London is only one square mile in size which is why it’s sometimes referred to as The Square Mile.

    Looking to save a bit of money when visiting London? So many tourists opt for the paper based Travelcard. It’s important to note that Oyster fares are considerably cheaper than paper ticket fares on London Underground.

    I recommend you pick up an Oyster Card at the Underground station at Heathrow or the DLR station at London City Airport. If you fly into Gatwick, Stanstead or Luton airports (the stations for these airports are outside of the Oyster network) then pick up an Oyster card at the first tube station you go through. If you’re only going to be in London for a few days (ie: less than 7 days) then add on sufficient money that covers you for the number of zones you’re likely to commute in (for most tourists zone 1 & 2 are sufficient) for each day you’re in London plus about £5 extra for the extra trip from & to the airport.

    If you’re in London for 7 or more days then go for a 7-Day zones 1 & 2 Travelcard and some cash to cover any ‘out-of zone travel’.

    Oyster has daily price capping so if you make lots of pay as you go journeys in one day, you won’t pay more than the price of an equivalent Day Travelcard.

  18. instant loans
    2 October 2013

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  19. Claire Sumner
    30 September 2013

    Wow! Nothing beats London Bridge! It’s my favorite spot in London and definitely one of the most famous London tourist attractions. I would love to go there again and again!!!

  20. surbhi
    27 September 2013

    London is absolutely breathtaking. I remember traveling there with Lufthansa and staying at some amazing hotels. It’s a must do guys!!

  21. Nichole Alex
    24 September 2013

    London is the fascinating destinations where people can have lots of enjoyment.

    Love to see Tower of London. Awesome place with amazing history!!!

  22. Dave
    19 September 2013

    Love to see Tower of London
    The 1,000 year old fortress in the centre of London. Amazing place with amazing history!!! just love it.

  23. Suzy
    15 September 2013

    I haven’t been to London since I was 8 so I would love to return. Some of these attractions were new to me too. I have never heard of the Clink Museum.

  24. ink
    12 September 2013

    my, how lovely.. will get a chance to travel in-depth in London next year, hopefully.. perhaps stay a month!

    Cheers, Ink

  25. Melissa
    11 September 2013

    I never heard of the Clink Prison Museum! I’d like to see that place!

  26. Gabi (The Nomadic Family)
    8 September 2013

    London is such a great city.It is one of the most popular and fascinating destinations where people can have lots of enjoyment. I love London.

  27. Lillie – @WorldLillie
    7 September 2013

    London was the first place I lived abroad, and you point out why it’s so great: as a teen I was still able to navigate it and hit all the major sights!

  28. Penny Sadler
    6 September 2013

    Hey Adam, I’ll be in London just for about 1/2 day but some good ideas here!

  29. David @ That Gay Backpacker
    5 September 2013

    I personally think that the British Museum should be at least top 5. Best museum in the world, yo!

    • Adam
      6 September 2013

      Oh yes – London’s museums are definitely among the world’s best. This list is just for the City of London, though. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about museums!

  30. Jennifer
    5 September 2013

    I love the natural history museum, that should definitely be on your list…and its freeee!!

    • Adam
      6 September 2013

      Oh I definitely agree. It’s an incredible museum! This list is just for the area in and around the City of London though :)

  31. Marina K. Villatoro
    4 September 2013

    Miss London. I lved there ages and ages ago. I did most of these, but soo desperately need to get back to redo them all again with my kids.

  32. Harvey (H-Bomb’s Worldwide Karaoke)
    4 September 2013

    The Clink looks like fun. I can’t believe I missed that during all the visits I’ve made to London!

    The view from the Tate Modern’s terrace is phenomenal.

    The Tower Bridge is much better-looking than the Millennium Bridge, especially at night. I hope that the Tower Bridge continues to be the one that’s perceived as being iconic of the city. :)

  33. Abner
    4 September 2013

    London is one of the most popular and fascinating destinations where people can have lots of enjoyment. I will definitely visit these above mentioned places in my next London trip for sure.

  34. estherjulee
    4 September 2013

    we went to london not too long ago, and we didn’t see any of these… oops! well, except for london bridge. :)

  35. Hogga
    3 September 2013

    i will have to do all of these things in a few weeks!

  36. Diane GowithOh
    3 September 2013

    Wow Adam! You have really hit all of our favorites!
    It looks like you certainly enjoyed your trips and got to all the good stuff!
    Hadn’t heard of the Clink museum, but will definitely recommend it in the future!
    We’re glad you enjoyed your time! :)

  37. Rebecca
    3 September 2013

    great picks for places – sadly there is just too much to cover in London in a few days

    • Adam
      3 September 2013

      You’re definitely right about that Rebecca. London is so sprawling and there are so many things to see, it would take me a lifetime to discover it all! Hopefully this is a good enough introduction to the major tourist sites though.

  38. Mackayla
    3 September 2013

    This was great information on places to see in Central London. I love hearing about peoples trips and vacations. By reading posts about traveling I learn a lot about the different cultures, and about what I need to see when I do get the chance to visit. So I love when I find blogs like this one!

  39. Patti
    3 September 2013

    This is good information to tuck away for a future visit to London!

    • Adam
      3 September 2013

      Glad to hear that Patti. London is such a great city and there are hundreds of things to do, but thankfully on my last visit these things were all nearby so it made the decision-making easy!

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