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Life is too short to learn German

Learning German in Berlin — The Good & The Bad

The good & the bad about learning German in Berlin. Is it easy or is it difficult. An expat’s tale…


The basic questions we have to answer about ourselves

I just returned from the first day (yay beginnings!) of my newest German language course here in Berlin. To say I was nervous before this class started would be a severe understatement. Just…


Four weeks of learning German in Berlin: was it successful?

My goals and what I accomplished during my German language course in Berlin.

Learning German

Week 3 of learning German: still fun but much more technical

Highlights from another week at a German language school—the *did detusch-institute*—in Berlin. Everything from cupcakes to melting snow.

Christmas in Berlin

Week 2: Learning German is sometimes fun, but definitely stressful

Details on my second week of learning the German language at a Berlin school. Highlights include having fun (obviously) and struggling with German articles.

German language dictionary

Learning German in Berlin…finally! Why I enrolled in a German language course

…Finally! My adventures of learning the German language in Berlin

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